Monday, January 16, 2017

More Early CFB '17 Notes and a MBK Tourney Item

* CBS Sports Network picked up its third men's conference championship game with a one-off deal to televise the CAA's championship game, adding to the televising of the C-USA and Patriot League game.  This is the seventh conference championship game inside the CBS family of networks, with the Mountain West, Big Ten, Atlantic 10 and Missouri Valley championships on the broadcast network, the last two via sublicense from ESPN.

The championship game was initially thought to be airing on an ESPN network, but plans apparently have changed.  The press release does not mention if this arrangement is a multi-year deal, nor does it mention the possibility of any regular season games airing on the network next season.

Number of conference championship games in '17
ESPN Networks: 24
CBS & CBS Sports Network: 7
FOX Sports: 1

Note that the Pac-12 championship game moves between ESPN & FOX Sports, with FOX Sports showing it in even numbered years.  ESPN also added the new Ivy League championship this season.

A few early notes for the first week of college football in 2017.

* No, I don't know where or the Big Ten rights deals with ESPN and FOX will be announced.  Apparently FOX did have ads touting their new Big Ten programming during the Foster Farms Bowl and the conference championship game.

* The St. Louis Cardinals' printable schedule notes that their 9/2 game at the San Francisco Giants will air as a non-exclusive national game on FS1 at 4pm ET.  Consider this important because it is one less window for FS1 to carry games from their partner conferences.  It is unknown at the moment if there are other MLB game windows for FOX or FS1 that day, or if UFC will have an event that evening where either network will be carrying matches.   From 2013-2015, Labor Day weekend was a UFC pay per view event weekend where FS1 carried prelim matches, but in 2016 the September pay per view moved to the weekend after Labor Day.

* Per ESPN's Adam Rittenberg, the Florida vs. Michigan game from AT&T Stadium may be moved to the Sunday night of Labor Day weekend.  ESPN helps to stock the Cowboys Classic event and I would expect this to be for airing on ABC as ESPN would be carrying Sunday Night Baseball.  ABC had a nice rating for the Notre Dame at Texas game in an unopposed window last year.

This helps alleviate a glut of neutral site games that ESPN could end up airing with Florida St. vs. Alabama from Atlanta, BYU vs. LSU from Houston (an ESPN operated event), Louisville vs. Purdue from Indianapolis, West Virginia vs. Virginia Tech from Landover, MD and NC State vs. South Carolina from Charlotte.  

Could any others have a date change? Maybe.  BYU vs. LSU won't be considered for Sunday due to BYU's written policy against Sunday competition.  When Charlotte hosted North Carolina vs. South Carolina, the game was hosted on a Thursday night.  That date change happened a year in advance of the date of the game and, for now, the Charlotte Sports Foundation continues to list the game for Saturday 9/2 as it may not be able to change until the NFL preseason schedule is finalized.  

If NC State-South Carolina remains on a Saturday and is considered a SEC game for TV rights purposes (TV rights will be finalized in February per a request to South Carolina's media relations dept), it may be to CBS's benefit.  CBS has sublicensed SEC games the past two season from ESPN for the first two weeks of the season,   After the Florida St.-Alabama, BYU-LSU and Florida-Michigan games, the SEC schedule is rather weak with the exception of the game in Charlotte.

Could CBS decide to take one of the SEC games off the top?  I suppose they could, but I do not know how it affects other selections later in the season, such as whether CBS would negotiate to have a lesser selection on another Saturday.  I have learned, though following this stuff enough & in other aspects of life, that nothing is ever really set in stone anymore.  Everything is negotiable.

* The last item for today looks at one of the provisions in the Big 12 contract for the possibility of a Labor Day Sunday game.  Three of the last five have had one (all even numbered seasons).  While its probably not recommended to compete with the possibility of Florida-Michigan, maybe Maryland-Texas would be looked at if FOX, for example, wanted a game on FS1 after their motorsports coverage (NASCAR trucks & NHRA) on Sunday or a broadcast network game.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Some Men's Basketball Schedule Items For The Rest of 2016-17 Season

* For Championship Week on ESPN, if you're really into the guide data, this one's for you.  ESPN is following through with programming between game fill for situations where a single channel is airing two consecutive games from a single site.

Here's an example: Big Ten Quarterfinal #1 starts at 12pm ET with a two hour window on ESPN.  In the past, ESPN would provide guide data showing Quarterfinal #2 would start at 2pm and end at 4:30pm, but we know that's not really the start time because there's time between games allowing the schools in the 2nd game a warmup period, usually between 20-30 minutes.  Now ESPN is scheduling 30 minutes of fill time, often College Basketball Live, or flat out scheduling the first game's window at two hours & 30 minutes, with the 2nd game in the example above now starting in guide data at 2:30pm ET.

Is this game changing?  Not really, because games still run over their allotted time slots all the time, whether its overtime or a game with a lot of stoppages.  But this does put ESPN in line with other TV networks like CBS Sports Network, FS1 and NBCSN, who usually schedule telecast windows of two hours & 30 minutes on the first game of back-to-backs when they're at the same site.

Take a look at Week 18 of the 2016-17 season, where most of the conference championship tournaments are occurring, for examples.

Note that this does not affect situations where ESPN could be switching sites.  For example, two conference tournament championships could be scheduled back to back because they don't require fill time in between.

* Heading back to One World Sports (if you don't know what's going on, read up on it here), I was able to confirm from the Ivy League that they have pulled back all of their athletic contests from the network due to uncertainty around its future.

In speaking with the conference, one game (Penn vs. Princeton on 1/7/17) has moved to CSN Philadelphia, while other games will air on ESPN3, though it won't necessarily be a one-for-one swap (ie. games that weren't scheduled for OWS may air on ESPN3 instead of some that were to be on OWS).

The most recent release of Ivy League weekly notes for men's basketball show all former OWS games with the ILDN (Ivy League Digital Network) designation only on page 11, though the individual team schedules on preceding pages continue to list OWS.

* WatchESPN updated their listings for March and a notable item, for now, is that there isn't yet a place for the CAA men's basketball championship (take a look here).  ESPNU now shows both Horizon League semifinal games on 3/6/17, where previously the semifinals were to be split between ESPNEWS and ESPNU.

The CAA maintained they would have a national platform, and the game could end up on ESPNEWS or ESPNU with some shuffling. ESPN is currently scheduled to air the SoCon men's basketball championship & ESPN2 would have the American's women's championship, aka UConn vs. somebody (hey, let's be realistic here).

So if ESPN isn't the outlet, and it may still be because they could be finalizing contractual parameters & ESPN doesn't want to publicly list the game, who could it be, or better yet, what are others carrying that evening:

  • NBCSN: NHL (Dallas vs. Washington, 7:30pm ET)
  • FS1: Big East women's basketball semifinals (4pm & 6:30pm ET) & Big 12 WBK final (9pm)
  • CBSSN: ??? (no college basketball, but could have other programming)
  • ASN: ??? (might need streaming help to clear nationally)
CBSSN could be a place for it, along with CAA basketball in future years.  FS2 has aired one of the Big East women's semifinals in the past, but the 2nd semifinal was scheduled at a time when it conflicted with FS1 carrying the Big 12 women's championship game.

Other platforms like Campus Insiders or ESPN3 could clear the game nationally too.  Regional TV partner Comcast SportsNet could clear it on their Philadelphia & Mid Atlantic channels, but would be using alternate channel locations as both primary stations have pro sports (CSNMA has the Capitals game mentioned above & CSNP has a Sixers game).

Friday, December 16, 2016

Early 2017 CFB Scheduling Roundup

Some of this stuff is new.  Some of it isn't:

* Personal one from me: I appeared on the Everything But the Scoreboard podcast this week, touching on a few college sports related items.   Have a listen & check out their other episodes.

* From Bay Area News Group writer Jon Wilner, reporting on the 2017 Pac-12 football game in Australia, except it doesn't quite belong to the Pac-12.
By noting that it is a C-USA home game, ESPN will have first crack at it as they get the opportunity to select a handful of C-USA games first, around five games.  After that, CBS Sports Network would have a chance at it.  In a separate tweet, Jon notes that the game would be played the weekend before Labor Day weekend, which is allowed when schools play a game outside the 48 contiguous states, which includes schools playing at Hawai'i.

* Jon also happened to note that the Pac-12 schedule for 2017 should appear in mid-January.  The conference used to wait until after the Rose Bowl to release the upcoming season's schedule and with Washington in the playoff, they may want to wait until after the Huskies' season is finished.

Since we're through five years of scheduling under the current TV setup with ESPN, FOX Sports and Pac-12 Networks, something to look at is the number of times each school has hosted a game on ESPN or FOX Sports on a weeknight, including Black Friday and not including the conference championship game when its been held on Fridays and when it was played at school sites:

Arizona: 4
Arizona St.: 4
California: 4@
Colorado: 6#
Oregon: 3
Oregon St.: 3
Stanford: 4
Washington: 4
Washington St.: 4
USC: 4
Utah: 6

@Cal's game vs. Hawai'i in Australia was played on Saturday in Australia, which translated into Friday night in the US.  Their home game vs. Oregon in 2014 was played at Levis Stadium, so only two of their weeknight games have been played at their home stadium.

#Two of Colorado's games were vs. Colorado St. and played in Denver.

I would think that Oregon, Oregon St. and UCLA would be earmarked for a Thursday or Friday game on ESPN or FOX Sports, and maybe Cal depending on how you count their weeknight games.  Otherwise, there's a relatively even distribution with Utah and Colorado being outliers.

The reason I left out games on the Pac-12 Networks is because those games are usually set for weeknights due to scheduling conflicts on the group of networks, though it can also be attributed to the preference of the school.  Two places to look for the potential of weeknight games are 9/2 and 9/9 when both Arizona schools are at home and have a strong preference for night games in September.  Can't put them both at night on Pac-12 Networks when the national & Arizona feeds would be carrying a single game, so if ESPN or FOX doesn't pick up one of the games on both dates, a game could end up being moved to Thursday or Friday.

* 65 games will be part of the Big 12's TV package in 2017, not including the conference championship game.  ESPN will have 23, the schools each get a game (10) and FOX Sports will have 32.  Starting with 10/14/17, each week will have five conference games with the potential for a few games to move to Thursday nights to provide some flexibility for ESPN and FOX.  Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News notes the following:
* Ohio St. at Indiana, which I thought might be a candidate for one of the Big Ten Friday night games on ESPN or FOX, has been moved to Thursday 8/31.  My assumption is that one of those two TV partners requested this change as well as they have commitments outside of college football that take up programming space over Labor Day weekend, such as ESPN2 with the US Open and FOX and/or FS1 with MLB, NASCAR Truck Series, NHRA and possibly UFC.

Would this one end up on BTN?  Not likely in my opinion, unless it is run concurrently on BTN with Buffalo at Minnesota, which is also set for that night & I believe will be aired on BTN.

* Something to consider on the two Big Ten Friday night games on September 1st: Both Mexico and the US are hosting World Cup qualifiers that day.  FOX Sports is Mexico's English language rightsholder in the US with many of their games on FS1, and ESPN and FOX split the US men's national team home games.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

2016 CFB TV Facts & Figures By Conference

I've done similar posts to this one the last three years.  Hope you enjoy this.  Tried to double check most of the numbers listed here.  The conference name for each section ties back to the report of 2016 conference controlled games.

I did not do any breakdowns for the independent schools nor Navy, who has a unique section under the American's page.

  • Fifteen games on ABC.  Up two from 2015.
    • Eleven of the fifteen involved Florida St., Clemson and/or Louisville
    • Including the ACC Championship Game, the ACC will have had the most conference controlled games on ABC in primetime in 2016 (five).
  • The total number of games on ESPN and ESPN2, 23, was up three from 2015.
    • The ESPN2 game count of eight was flat from 2015, so the increase was solely on the ESPN side of the house.
  • Wake Forest and Florida St. did not appear on the ACC Network's over-the-air package.
    • I know, I'm stunned to that Wake wasn't on the over-the-air package, but they appeared five times on the RSN package, the most of any school on that particular package.
  • Overall, Virginia appeared seven times combined between the RSN and over-the-air network package, the most of any ACC school.
  • 26 games on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU.  Comparison to 2015 in parenthesis and includes the conference championship game.
    • ABC: 4 (-1)
    • ESPN: 6 (-1)
    • ESPN2: 6 (-2)
    • ESPNU: 10 (+2)
    • Two games scheduled inside of this group of four networks (Navy at East Carolina on ESPN & Tulane at UCF on ESPNU) were moved to later dates in the season and ended up on ESPN3 and ESPNEWS, which may have been why the count of games across these four networks was two short of what has been reported to be the minimum number of games on those four networks.
  • Ten of the 26 games on the four primary outlets were chosen as part of the in-season selection process.
    • Houston and USF were each involved in three of those in-season selections.
  • The number of ESPN3 exclusives were constant compared to 2015 at 10.
  • American Sports Network was a new outlet for televised games, carrying six games.
  • Cincinnati appeared on CBS Sports Network five times.
    • Two of those five were scheduled before the season started.
  • The number of games on broadcast television, either regionally, nationally or reverse mirror, was flat compared to 2015.  ABC carried eight games and FOX carried seven.
    • Oklahoma appeared four times on FOX and overall six times out of the fifteen games, the most of any Big 12 school.
    • Oklahoma St., Baylor and Texas all had four appearances each.
    • Five games aired in primetime between ABC (1) and FOX (4).
  • ESPN pay TV game count.  
    • ESPN: 5
    • ESPN2: 5
    • ESPNU: 4
    • Longhorn Network: 1
      • Iowa St. at Texas is this game.  The UTEP game counts as Texas' institutionally controlled game.
  • FOX Sports pay TV game count
    • FS1: 21
    • FSN: 6
      • FSN aired an additional four games that were institutionally held, plus Oklahoma had their reserved game on pay-per-view distributed and produced through FOX Sports.
  • Eight of the ten institutionally held games (one per school) involved a FCS opponent.  Only UTEP at Texas and UL-Monroe at Oklahoma were between two FBS schools.
  • This was the first season where FOX and ESPN operated as equal partners with respect to game selections.  ESPN's maximum game count also increased from 19 in prior years up to 23.
  • Of the seven games I considered secondary national / broadly syndicated, specifically games on FSN & Longhorn Network that weren't claimed as institutionally controlled games, Iowa St. appeared in three of the seven.  Kansas St. and Kansas each appeared twice.
    • As a side note, with the Big Ten moving 25 games over to FOX platforms next year, specifically FOX and FS1, it will be interesting to see if more Big 12 games move to FSN.
  • The split 
    • ABC and ESPN Networks: 56
      • ABC: 19
        • Fifteen full national telecasts on ABC. Four were reverse mirror with ESPN2
      • ESPN: 11
      • ESPN2: 8
      • ESPNU: 8
      • ESPNEWS: 10
    • BTN: 42
      • Aired over 34 unique telecast windows
  • Excluding the conference championship game and two weeknight games, sixteen Saturday games were played at night.  This is up two from 2015 using the same criteria.
    • BTN: 10
    • ABC: 4
    • ESPN: 1
    • ESPN2: 1
  • Purdue continues its trend of not playing a home game on BTN with a start time later than 12pm ET since 2012 vs. Michigan.
  • Of the nineteen ABC games, eighteen of the nineteen games involved at least one of the following schools: Michigan, Nebraska, Ohio St., Penn St. and Wisconsin.  BYU at Michigan St. on 10/8 was the outlier.
  • The Big Ten and SEC were the only conferences to have at least one conference controlled game on broadcast networks every week of the season.
  • The Big Ten has had the most conference controlled games each season since 2013, including conference championship games.
    • 2012: Big 12 beat them by one, 21-20.
  • Western Kentucky was involved in four of the eleven regular season games that aired on ESPN Networks or CBS Sports Network and could make a fifth appearance if they win their division.
    • Marshall had three appearances.  C-USA West Division winner Louisiana Tech and FIU had two appearances each.
  • Unlike previous seasons, very few C-USA start times were set during the season.
  • Four of the eleven regular season games on ESPN's TV channels and CBS Sports Network were Saturday telecasts.
    • Proportionally, this is about the same as 2015 when FS1 and CBS Sports Network aired five Saturday games out of fourteen.
  • The number of webcast exclusives increased six times, from six games solely through the C-USA Digital Network to 36 games through the rebranded CUSA.TV and new partners Campus Insiders and ESPN3.  
    • The increase can be directly attributed to a drop in regional and secondary telecasts with beIN Sports and American Sports Network combining to televise 25 games, where FOX College Sports, FSN and American Sports Networks more than doubled that in 2015 (54 games).
  • Western Michigan had seven of their games selected for airing on either ESPN television channels or CBS Sports Network, the most of any MAC school. 
    • Toledo and Ohio each appeared five times.
  • Thirteen games aired on ESPNU and ESPN2 with another ten on CBS Sports Network.
    • The number of games on CBSSN was expected to increase over 2015 as part of a sublicensing agreement with ESPN.
  • The airing of Buffalo at Western Michigan on ESPNU was the first in-season Saturday selection for a ESPNU telecast for the conference since Fresno St. at Toledo on 9/20/08.
    • First in-season Saturday selection for any ESPN TV channel since Navy at Toledo on 10/19/13.
  • Eight games appeared on American Sports Network
    • A ninth game, Buffalo at Western Michigan, was returned to ESPN for a national telecast.
  • ESPN regular season game count, which excludes conference championship game.  Number in parenthesis is comparison to 2015 which also excludes conference championship game.
    • ESPN: 1 (0)
    • ESPN2: 12 (+1)
      • Seven in-season selections
    • ESPNU: 5 (-1)
    • ESPNEWS: 1 (+1)
    • ESPN3: 3 (-4)
  • All ESPNU, ESPNEWS and ESPN3 games were in season selections.
  • Excluding Boise St., who has specific requirements as to the number of games on ESPN TV channels, three other Mountain West schools appeared on ESPN or ESPN2 three times (Wyoming, Utah St. and New Mexico).
  • Breakdown by start time for home team for all Saturday ESPN television and CBSSN games
    • Before 3pm local time: 6
      • Includes a 2pm Hawai'i Time game.
      • Five on CBS Sports Network and one on ESPNEWS.
    • Between 3pm-6pm local time: 3
      • All on CBS Sports Network
    • After 6pm local time: 23
      • Ten on CBS Sports Network, five on ESPNU and seven on ESPN2.
  • Breakdown by TV channel, excluding the conference championship game.  
    • ABC: 3 (0)
      • 2015 has one reverse mirror game with ESPN2 where 2016 has none
    • FOX: 10 (0)
    • ESPN: 15 (+1)
    • ESPN2: 4 (-1)
    • FS1: 12 (0)
    • Pac-12 Networks: 35 (+1)
  • USC made the most broadcast network appearances with five (two on ABC & three on FOX), followed by Washington with four and Utah with three.  All Washington and Utah appearances were on FOX.
  • Washington St.'s game vs. Colorado was the first time the Cougars had a Saturday game selected as part of the in-season selection process for either ABC or FOX under the current television contracts.
    • Last selection prior to this was vs. USC on 9/22/07 on ABC.
  • Colorado had its first Pac-12 controlled broadcast network game, as a member of the conference, in 2016.
    • Previous broadcast network game of any kind: at Ohio St. on 9/24/11.
    • Previous broadcast network game for the Buffaloes where the conference they were a member of also controlled the TV rights to the game: their final Big 12 game vs. Nebraska on 11/26/2010
  • Breakdown by start time for home team for all Saturday non Pac-12 Networks telecasts
    • Before 3pm local time: 7
    • Between 3pm and 6pm local time: 10
    • After 6pm local time: 16
  • Breakdown by start time for home team for all Saturday Pac-12 Networks telecasts
    • Before 3pm local time: 18
    • Between 3pm and 6pm local time: 9
    • After 6pm local time: 7
  • All SEC schools except Mississippi St. and Vanderbilt appeared in at least one game that aired on CBS
    • Kentucky's appearance was in a game sublicensed to CBS from ESPN.
  • Breakdown of ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU games
    • ESPN: 17
    • ESPN2: 6
    • ESPNU: 8
  • SEC Network aired fifty games with eight of those games airing on the alternate channel.
  • Appearances on CBS by division, excluding the conference championship game
    • East: 17
      • Two appearances from sublicensed games
    • West: 14
      • One appearance from sublicensed games
  • Alabama & Tennessee had the most CBS appearances with five each.
    • Alabama had only one SEC Network game.  Kent St. on 9/24
      • Middle Tennessee had two non-conference games vs. SEC schools that both aired on SEC Network
  • Missouri led all schools with nine SEC Network games, followed by Kentucky with eight and Georgia, Vanderbilt & South Carolina each with seven.
  • Missouri had two games on CBS and the previously mentioned nine SEC Network games.  They had no appearances on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU during the season.
  • Five games on ESPN or ESPN2, a single-season high for the Sun Belt.
  • Four games were selected for ESPN2, ESPNU and ESPNEWS as in-season selections.
  • Arkansas St. appeared in five of the thirteen games on ESPN's TV networks
    • Georgia Southern appeared four times, followed by Troy and Appalachian St. with three appearances
    • The only games that didn't involved Arkansas St., Georgia Southern, Troy or Appalachian St. were two non-conference games where the opponent was a ranked Group of Five school: Houston at Texas St. & San Diego St. at South Alabama.
  • UL-Monroe had all of its Sun Belt controlled games on ESPN3.
  • New Mexico St. also did not appear on any of the conference's television packages (ESPN TV or American Sports Network).

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Guesses for CFB TV Six Day Picks for 11/25/16 & 11/26/16 Games, Plus 12/3/16

Week 13

Friday 11/25

In the end, I think Nebraska at Iowa stays in the ESPN family and on ABC as the Huskers have a shot of the Big Ten West if they win and Wisconsin loses to Minnesota.  North Carolina is also in need of help from Virginia on Saturday to win the ACC Coastal, so their game has a bit more relevance than Houston at Memphis since Navy has clinched the American's West Division.  Western Michigan won vs. Buffalo and if they win again vs. Toledo, ESPN2 has the MAC championship game to show them again.

12pm ABC: NC State at North Carolina
12pm ESPN: Houston at Memphis
3:30pm ABC: Nebraska at Iowa
4pm ESPNEWS: Louisiana Tech at Southern Miss
5pm ESPNU: Toledo at Western Michigan

Saturday 11/26

With it confirmed that Notre Dame at USC resides somewhere on a ESPN platform, I do wonder if it will get placed away from the Iron Bowl or if they would concede that time slot and place a lesser profile game there (no disrespect intended, Wisconsin).  I assumed ND at USC and South Carolina at Clemson would be the other two ABC games earlier, but I'm less certain now.

12pm ESPN: Virginia at Virginia Tech
12pm ESPN2: East Carolina at Temple
12pm CBSSN: UCF at USF
3:30pm ABC: Minnesota at Wisconsin
3:30pm ESPN: Florida at Florida St.
3:30pm ESPN2: Navy at SMU
3:30pm ESPNU: Duke at Miami (FL)
3:30pm BTN: Penn St. at Michigan St.
7pm ESPN: South Carolina at Clemson
7pm ESPN2: UCLA at California
7pm ESPNU: Kentucky at Louisville
8pm ABC: Notre Dame at USC
8pm ESPNEWS: Western Kentucky at Marshall
10:15pm ESPN2: Wyoming at New Mexico
10:15pm ESPNU: Utah St. at BYU

Week 14 (Saturday 12/3)

Since ESPN has set their start times and TV networks for their four championship games on Saturday and ABC is being used for both the American and ACC championships, ESPN2 is open to be used either for Sun Belt, FCS playoffs or college basketball that ESPN3, SEC Network PLUS or ACC Network Extra had on their schedules.  With the Big 12 championship game re-activating in 2017, ESPN will have either the Pac-12 or Big 12 championship for the next several years, along with the Sun Belt's championship game starting in 2018.

I'm not going to waste your time with a separate guesses post.  For the three Big 12 games:

12pm FOX: Oklahoma St. at Oklahoma
12pm FS1: Baylor at West Virginia
3:30pm FS1: Kansas St. at TCU

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Notes on 11/19 six day picks & 11/25-26 selections and holds

*  If you're wondering why Texas at Kansas was scheduled for ABC & ESPN2 using a reverse mirror, or why Oklahoma St. at TCU is on FS1, my belief is that the selection order was ESPN at the top, FOX 2nd, ESPN 3rd and 4th then FOX at the back who had Texas Tech at Iowa St. fall to them.

I believe Oklahoma at West Virginia was going to be on ABC at 8pm unless something went abnormally wrong for both schools vs. Baylor & Texas, so that was at the top.  My assumption is that Oklahoma St. at TCU was also in play for ESPN as a backup plan, hence the six day hold at the very top and not further down the order.  In addition, depending on 11/19 results, Kansas St. at Baylor and Texas at Kansas could have had different relevance.

Its also important to note that the selection is generically ESPN or FOX.  They can place them where they want to, though I suspect the goal is to try to push the broadcast network games towards the top of the order.  Doesn't always happen though, and I don't know whether Texas at Kansas was 3rd or 4th.

* I believe the placement of Clemson at Wake Forest was reasonably static as the 7pm ESPN game since the SEC schedule doesn't have a knockout game, plus that whole deal re: Florida at LSU (formerly LSU at Florida).

* More commentary from me than anything else, but to have FOX take UCLA at USC on 11/19 also needed Colorado or Washington St. to lose too.  Since neither did and both are at the top of their respective divisions (yes, CU is tied on losses with USC and Utah), that one is worth taking, especially in mid-afternoon.

11/25 & 11/26
* The Big Ten has corrected a release from Illinois that said both Michigan St. at Penn St. & Wisconsin at Minnesota would be at 3:30pm ET.   12pm ET / 11pm CT is still possible, though the conference has four games already scheduled for that start time.

* The MAC clarified the start time of Toledo at Western Michigan on Tuesday, with the game airing at 12pm on ESPN or 5pm on ESPNU.

This does tie in to the possibility that Nebraska at Iowa could air on BTN.  How?  NC State at North Carolina & Houston at Memphis don't have another network family to go to unless Houston at Memphis has become available for ESPNEWS or if there will be some changes in the men's basketball games airing on ESPN2, which isn't open for the entire day.  Here's the scenario:

12pm or 3:30pm BTN: Nebraska at Iowa
12pm ABC: NC State at North Carolina
12pm ESPN: Toledo at Western Michigan
3:30pm ABC: Houston at Memphis
5pm ESPNU: Louisiana Tech at Southern Miss

* In my opinion, South Carolina at Clemson and Notre Dame at USC are the most likely games being looked at for ABC at 3:30pm & 8pm.  The order of games could be depend on if Clemson remains in a top four CFP position after 11/19.  Placement of UCLA at California could also be dependent on where

* The American might fall a game short of 28 on ABC, ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU.  I count 25 conference controlled games scheduled for those four networks, including the conference championship game.  There are three games on 12 day hold for 11/26 and CBS Sports Network will take one of the games, so that would leave a maximum of 27 for the four "primary" networks.

* I wasn't aware that ESPNEWS was an option for either Louisiana Tech at Southern Miss or Western Kentucky at Marshall.  In the few places I saw the telecast options presented, they were listed as ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU.  Granted, Louisiana Tech has already won their division and Western Kentucky could wrap theirs up if Old Dominion were to lose to FAU this weekend as WKU beat ODU, however both Louisiana Tech and WKU could be playing to host the championship game.  La. Tech beat WKU on 10/6, 55-52.

* The only way one of the three SEC games was going to end up on ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU instead of SEC Network is if they either killed off one of the SEC Network windows or decided to simulcast one of the games, similar to what they did two years ago for the Iron Bowl.

* The press release noted that BYU would have one football game a year on ESPNU, but if you're on their side, are you mad that you'll possibly have four games on ESPN2 instead three on ESPN2 and one on ESPNU?  Probably not.  Maybe a bit perturbed about a 8:15pm MT start, but at least it could be on a network that's in around 8-10 million more homes.

Either way, where that one lands is dependent on how important the Wyoming at New Mexico game is with respect to the winner of the Mountain West's Mountain Division, which should be sponsored by the Department of Redundancy Department or the American Dodgeball Association of America.

* Can't speak to why Rice at Stanford on Pac-12 is allowed to run concurrently with Utah at Colorado, unless FOX allowed it, though Notre Dame at USC and UCLA at California could also end up being played at the same time.

Monday, November 14, 2016

CFB TV Selections for 2016 Week Thirteen (11/22/16 - 11/26/16)

This post will be updated as announcements come out for start times for 11/22, 11/25 & 11/26 from the twelve day selection process that most TV networks adhere to (yes, the two midweek dates are closer than twelve days, I know).  Please understand that games can be held until next Sunday if a broadcaster wants to wait on the results of the Week Twelve games.  Most conferences have the possibility of having all or part of their games held for a six day hold of the start time.  The ACC, Big Ten, Big 12 and Pac-12 all have one six day hold remaining.

The list of available TV windows are based on media websites, TV listings and press releases.  They can change based on the needs of the broadcaster or the conference.

Here's what I guessed based on the available openings (they'll prove to be incorrect) and here is the current schedule for the week as several FBS games do have their time & television/webcast assignments already accounted for.  

7pm ESPNU:


Six Day Holds with no time or TV: Houston at Memphis & Nebraska at Iowa - Either 12pm ABC or ESPN (whichever network isn't airing NC State at North Carolina), or 3:30pm ABC.

Louisiana Tech at Southern Miss - 4pm ESPNEWS or 5pm ESPNU.

12pm ABC/ESPN: NC State at North Carolina
12pm CBSSN:
3:30pm FOX: Washington at Washington St.
3:30pm FS1: TCU at Texas
8:30pm ESPNU: Cincinnati at Tulsa


Six Day Holds with no time or TV: Penn St. at Michigan St. (12pm or 3:30pm), Wisconsin at Minnesota (12pm or 3:30pm), South Carolina at Clemson, Florida at Florida St., Kentucky at Louisville, Virginia at Virginia Tech, Duke at Miami (FL), Navy at SMU, UCF at USF, East Carolina at Temple, Notre Dame at USC (3:30pm, 7pm or 8pm).

Six Day Holds with no time set: UCLA at California (ESPN2 at 3:30pm or 7pm), Western Kentucky at Marshall (7pm ESPNU or 8pm ESPNEWS).

7-7:45pm (?) ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU

12pm ABC: Michigan at Ohio St.
12pm FS1: Kansas at Kansas St.
12pm ESPNU: Purdue at Indiana
12pm ESPNEWS: Rutgers at Maryland
12pm SEC: Georgia Tech at Georgia
12pm BTN: Illinois at Northwestern
12:30pm ACC Network: Syracuse at Pittsburgh
3pm ACC RSNs: Boston College at Wake Forest
3:30pm CBS: Auburn at Alabama
3:30pm FS1: West Virginia at Iowa St.
3:30pm SEC: Mississippi St. at Ole Miss
4pm ESPNEWS: Tulane at Connecticut
4pm Pac-12: Oregon at Oregon St.
4pm ESPN3: Nevada at UNLV
7:30pm FOX: Utah at Colorado
7:30pm SEC: Tennessee at Vanderbilt
8pm Pac-12: Rice at Stanford
10:15pm ESPN2/ESPNU: Utah St. at BYU
10:15pm ESPN2/ESPNU: Wyoming at New Mexico