Thursday, February 25, 2021

Sketching out Week 0 & Week 1 for CFB 2021

I have to admit that I haven't given these a lot of thought, and frankly, I don't know what sports will be having conflicting events.  Normally there might be conflicts with the WNBA, Fireball3, Little League World Series, motorsports, boxing, MLB, US National Team Soccer and the US Open, along with others that I have forgotten about.  Let's try to have fun with this and you tell me where I'm off my on my choices.

I did assume that ESPN2 will be unavailable due to US Open tennis.  FS1 also has MLB on Saturday after 4pm ET.

If I don't list a game, assume it is being streamed through ESPN Digital or the MW Network.  One thing to remember is that the SEC can now place one football game per school on ESPN+ per season and I do expect it to get used early in the season in select cases.

4pm FOX: Nebraska at Illinois
8pm FOX: Hawai'i at UCLA
10pm CBSSN: UConn at Fresno State
10pm AggieVision: UTEP at NM State

I expect one SEC game to move to Thursday night along with an additional Pac-12 game.  Weber State at Utah was already set for this evening.

7pm ESPNU: ECU vs. Appalachian State
7:30pm ACCN: USF at NC State
8pm ESPN: Ohio State at Minnesota
8:30pm SECN: Kent State at Texas A&M
9pm Pac-12: Weber State at Utah
10pm FS1: Fresno State at Oregon 

An option exists to move North Carolina at Virginia Tech to Friday and I expect it to be used.

7pm ACCN: Old Dominion at Wake Forest
8pm ESPN: North Carolina at Virginia Tech
10pm Pac-12: Northern Colorado at Colorado 

12pm ABC: Oklahoma at Tulane
12pm FOX: Indiana at Iowa
12pm ESPN: Texas Tech vs. Houston
12pm FS1: West Virginia at Maryland
12pm ESPNU: Syracuse at Ohio
12pm SECN: Central Michigan at Missouri
12pm SECN: Bowling Green at Tennessee
12pm BTN: UTSA at Illinois
12pm BTN: Western Michigan at Michigan
12pm CBSSN: Marshall at Navy
12pm ACCN: Colgate at Boston College
12:30pm ACC RSN: Northern Illinois at Georgia Tech
2pm Pac-12: Nevada at California
3:30pm ABC: Alabama vs. Miami (FL)
3:30pm ESPN: Boise State at UCF
3:30pm BTN: Temple at Rutgers
3:30pm BTN: Oregon State at Purdue
3:30pm CBSSN: Holy Cross at UConn
4pm FOX: Penn State at Wisconsin
4pm ESPNU: Akron at Auburn
4pm SECN: Louisiana Tech at Mississippi State
4pm SECN: Rice at Arkansas
4pm ACCN: William & Mary at Virginia
5pm Pac-12: Montana at Washington
7pm ESPN: Stanford vs. Kansas State
7pm CBSSN: Duke at Charlotte
7:30pm ABC: Georgia vs. Clemson
7:30pm SECN: Florida Atlantic at Florida
7:30pm SECN: ULM at Kentucky
7:30pm BTN: Michigan State at Northwestern
7:30pm ACCN: UMass at Pitt
8pm FOX: BYU vs. Arizona
8pm ESPNU: Baylor at Texas State
8pm Longhorn: Louisiana at Texas
8pm Pac-12: San Jose State at USC
10:30pm ESPN: LSU at UCLA
11pm Pac-12: Utah State at Washington State
11pm Pac-12 AZ: Southern Utah at Arizona State

7:30pm ABC: Notre Dame at Florida State

8pm ESPN: Ole Miss vs. Louisville

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Admin Item

Hi.  Hope you and your family are safe and healthy.

This season's challenge to keep up with the hourly, and it is hourly, changes to the D1 men's college basketball TV and streaming schedule has been a grind.  Trying to maintain a schedule in Google Sheets so I don't get to far ahead in the number of database rows in use, along with mostly using RSS to track schedule changes as schools would release them, is never ending and also has a self-defeating feeling when you miss a series being added. Or miss a series being added and then the release comes that its been cancelled anyways and you look through a team's releases to find that they never issued anything in the first place that its been added.

The TV schedule changes that are on the fly are tough to keep up with and I do truly appreciate those of you who have sent things over via email or social media.

The other part of this is that I've taken on a new role within my employer this week, and my responsibilities have went up in magnitude by 2x-3x as it is a new area of the company with duties in both tech and day-to-day business decisions.  I'd expect me to be on social media a lot less during the day and updates to the site will probably start once I've logged off from work or when I've ended up doing them lately at 4:30am ET because its when I wake up no matter when I nod off.

I have no clue what the plan is for tracking weekly start times in the FBS conferences later this year or that one big afternoon of early season TV releases, though that afternoon release often was just me tweeting them out without reading them (fun fact: this happens a lot).  

I would ask that you do let me catch up on TV network designations and tip times.  If something has been out there for a few days, or its a change for a game tonight or tomorrow, then send it over.  I suppose that I'm asking for your help in being a little less on-demand for changes, etc.

Take care.