Saturday, May 28, 2022

A few thoughts on the 2022 early season CFB TV selections

First, head over to my site to review the selections made so far for each conference and week of the season.

Takeaways that I had from the early season & special date TV schedule releases:

* I thought they would have to slot Tennessee at Pitt in the noon Eastern slot instead of 3:30pm due to the Pirates playing at home at night. I guess that because the Pirates game will start while the football game is still in progress, the issues regarding traffic are lessened even if there's a bit of a parking crunch.

* Having Virginia Tech and Virginia in back-to-back games on ACC Network with three hour TV windows seems a bit odd, even if the Hokies game should be in hand by the time the UVA game starts. Further compounding this situation is the Cavaliers opponent, Old Dominion, another Virginia school. The game following ODU-UVA also has another Virginia school: Liberty. It just spirals.

That said, we live in a digital age and I'm sure fans will be directed to the ESPN app to watch the start of the game just starting. But I do think that they could have swapped one of the games for the Charleston Southern-NC State game on RSNs.

* Assuming Notre Dame vs. Navy is on ABC, at least two other American games will get picked up for airing on the broadcast network. I'm less certain that it will be whichever game from the final week of the season gets moved to Black Friday.

* Using the guideline of a maximum of 32 games for ESPN's portion of the Big 12 rights package, FOX Sports should carry at least 24 games from the conference. Here's how I arrived at that number:
  • 66 regular season games as part of the Big 12 rights agreement
    • Not counting the conference championship game
  • One game from each school is set aside for institutional rights. A total of 10 games.
    • Last year, these same 10 games were also not part of ESPN's national rights games. They carried 29 Big 12 regular season games when excluding these from a game count.
  • 56 remaining games - 32 for ESPN at the most = At least 24 for FOX Sports
At the moment, ESPN has used nine of their 32 selections for the conference.

* A few Big Ten fans have asked whether it was surprising that FOX did not use its Big Noon window over Labor Day weekend. I suppose that I'm not after seeing the game choices they made. Maybe if they kept Penn State at Purdue for Saturday it would have slotted in there, but they had a great number for Ohio State at Minnesota for a Thursday night game on the broadcast network last year and I bet this will draw well for them too, even if its down from last year. 

And I wouldn't have moved UTEP at Oklahoma to an earlier start time to have a Big Noon game. With MLB in the evening, I'd rather have the football game as a lead-in.

* By my count, FOX Sports announced 14 of 28 Big Ten selections. ESPN announced 9 of 26. Why the difference in the number of selections FOX has compared to ESPN? ESPN sent one Big Ten selection over to FOX as compensation for allowing Joe Buck to leave for ESPN. Penn State at Purdue was the extra FOX selection.

* For games on BTN, Nebraska and Iowa have satisfied the requirement of two games scheduled for the network with one game vs. a conference opponent. The two schools playing each other on Black Friday on BTN is what clinched that.

* A few Penn State fans have asked about the Ohio State being the yearly Whiteout game with a report that the game on 10/29 is in the FOX Sports bucket of games and would be a noon ET start. I can't confirm that report, but I do wonder if the decision to play the homecoming game vs. Minnesota at night is another sign that the Ohio State game will be a day game.

* C-USA having less games on Stadium is a bit interesting. I don't quite know what to make of it, unless they've elected to exercise a contractual clause to choose less games due to membership changes. CBS Sports Network retained its 18 games (17 regular season and the conference championship game, but one difference appears to be that all 18 will be on CBSSN instead of showing three via Facebook exclusively. I don't know if C-USA scheduling a few games for Week 0 allowed for more C-USA games to be on CBSSN.

* For Central Connecticut at UConn, I think that one will be locally or regionally televised. SNY is open that afternoon if they want it. Maybe Paramount+ will carry it out of market for those who want to see it. If I remember correctly, this was a gray area in the UConn agreement with CBS Sports Network as some games they could give back to the school for them to make their own arrangement to televise.

* My assumption for Liberty's linear TV game on an ESPN network is that either BYU (10/22) or Virginia Tech (11/19) will be the choice.

* The MAC release slyly mentioned that some of their games will air on NFL Network, but there's no other news from the conference about that. One of the conference's games that might end up over there is the Marshall at Bowling Green game on 9/17 as it had the "TV TBD" designation while all other games controlled by the conference had TV outlets in place.

NFL Network carrying college football isn't new. They had an agreement with Conference USA for 10 games a year for four years, starting in 2019, but the agreement appears to have been dissolved after one year when they carried no games after the 2019 season.

* Utah State at Boise State should have been in the FOX Sports package of Mountain West games, but ended up as a Black Friday game on CBS. In the previous set of rights agreements with CBS and ESPN, ESPN could trade one Boise State home game to CBS in exchange for one of Boise State's MW road games. This doesn't appear to have happened as CBS Sports is carrying five of BSU's Mountain West games. I assume this is due to FOX having limited room to carry games due to the World Cup over that week.

CBS carrying the Mountain West the opening two weeks of the season when they would be otherwise not carrying any college football is nice as well too. I'm not on the bandwagon that they chose two Pac-12 games to get the conference to pay attention once their rights come up for bid in the near future.  I think they chose the best available MW games for those weeks. In the case of 9/10, both choices were games involving a pair of games vs. Pac-12 schools once Boise State at New Mexico was moved to Friday night.

As for the remaining MW controlled games not selected for TV, Spectrum Sports in Hawai'i will end up taking seven of them for Hawai'i's pay-per-view package. After that, I'm not certain what will happen with the remaining games.  Stadium wasn't listed in the conference's release as picking up any of the remaining games, so I'm unsure as to whether they are continuing with the conference. Excluding the Hawai'i games, there's only two other intraconference games not selected by either national TV partner.

* I do find it interesting that ESPN got their required appearances on ABC for the Pac-12 out of the way in the first two weeks of the season. They technically don't have to show another game from the conference on the broadcast network the rest of the year if they don't have a selection that merits it. They'll probably carry a few more though.

FOX brought back their late evening Pac-12 broadcast network game, and from what I've been told, there's another planned for mid-November.

ESPN has announced 9 of their 22 Pac-12 selections.  Using past precedence, Georgia vs. Oregon from Atlanta counts as Pac-12 selection for ESPN's rights agreements as something Larry Scott allowed ESPN to do to provide value to their rights agreement via neutral site games.  FOX Sports has also  announced 9 of their 22 selections.

Arizona State, California, UCLA and Washington State have already fulfilled the requirement for games selected by Pac-12 Networks.  The remaining games on their respective schedules not already selected by ESPN or FOX Sports can be selected by either of those two entities.

* I had assumed that Penn State at Auburn would be the choice for CBS's opening SEC game this year, though Miami (FL) at Texas A&M would have been just fine too. I felt that having two large fanbases made the different in choosing Penn State over Miami (FL). By choosing a non-conference game, CBS frees up some SEC school (Georgia? A&M?) to be chosen over the remaining CBS openings.

I know that I did choose Alabama for the ESPN primetime game on 9/3, giving the reason of "because Alabama", but they made a good decision to go with Utah at Florida.

* I am surprised that Virginia Tech at Old Dominion wasn't on main ESPN instead of ESPNU. Either way, ESPN should have at least five more Sun Belt games carried on linear TV as part of the in-season selection process.

Eastern Michigan at Louisiana is also designated with a similar "TV TBD" as the Marshall at Bowling Green. I don't know if NFL Network is being considered for some Sun Belt games though. If it is, I wonder if the network can fulfill the remaining linear TV games for the conference that their contract requires of ESPN or would supplement it.

Monday, May 9, 2022

Sketching out the CFB TV schedules for Thursday and Friday nights in 2022

Thought I would try to sketch out what the Thursday and Friday night college football TV schedule for 2022 based on what is known.

I left out games that haven't been confirmed to move to a particular date, like games I guessed for Weeks 2 & 3.

I'm not guessing times here, though for Weeks 1-3 have had times on their guesses.  If a game is in bold, the network has been confirmed

9/1: Penn State at Purdue (FOX), West Virginia at Pitt (ESPN), Central Michigan at Oklahoma State (FS1), Louisiana Tech at Missouri (ESPNU), VMI at Wake Forest (ACCN) & Ball State at Tennessee (SECN)
9/8: None (NFL Opening Night, ESPN scheduled for US Open tennis)
9/15: TBA
9/22: West Virginia at Virginia Tech (ESPN), Coastal Carolina at Georgia State (ESPNU) & Chattanooga at Illinois (BTN)
9/29: Utah State at BYU (ESPN)
10/6: TBA or MLB playoffs
10/13: Baylor at West Virginia (ESPN) & Temple at UCF (ESPN2)
10/20: Virginia at Georgia Tech (ESPN) & Troy at South Alabama (ESPNU)
10/27: Virginia Tech at NC State (ESPN early), Oklahoma at Iowa State (FS1), Louisiana at Southern Miss (ESPNU) and Utah at Washington State (ESPN late)
11/3: Appalachian State at Coastal Carolina (ESPN)
11/10: Tulsa at Memphis (ESPN) & Georgia Southern at Louisiana (ESPNU)
11/17: SMU at Tulane (ESPN)
11/24: Mississippi State at Ole Miss (ESPN)

I think 9/15 could end up being the Rutgers at Temple game.  If not, maybe a Sun Belt game.  

October 6th might be unavailable due to the changes to the MLB playoffs with a longer Wild Card round.

For October 13th, Baylor at West Virginia could air on FS1 and Temple at UCF on ESPN, but I'm unsure as to whether FS1 would have MLB playoff action that evening, so I went with both games on ESPN networks.

9/2: Virginia Tech at Old Dominion (ESPN early), Illinois at Indiana (FS1), Temple at Duke (ACCN), Western Michigan at Michigan State (BTN) & TCU at Colorado (ESPN late)
9/9: Louisville at UCF (ESPN2, ESPN has men's US Open tennis)
9/16: Florida State at Louisville (ESPN)
9/23: Virginia at Syracuse (ESPN) & Boise State at UTEP (CBSSN)
9/30: Tulane at Houston (ESPN), UTSA at Middle Tennessee (CBSSN) & Washington at UCLA (FS1)
10/7: Houston at Memphis (ESPN) & Nebraska at Rutgers (FS1)
10/14: Navy at SMU (ESPN) & UTSA at FIU (CBSSN)
10/21: Tulsa at Temple (ESPN2) & UAB at WKU (CBSSN)
10/28: ECU at BYU (ESPN2)
11/4: Duke at Boston College (ESPN2 early) & Oregon State at Washington (ESPN2 late)
11/11: ECU at Cincinnati (ESPN2) & Colorado at USC (FS1)
11/18: USF at Tulsa (ESPN2)
11/25: Arkansas at Missouri (CBS), Florida at Florida State (ABC), NC State at North Carolina (ESPN mid-afternoon), Nebraska at Iowa (BTN), MAC Game (CBSSN & ESPNU early) & Pac-12 (FOX mid afternoon, FS1 late, ESPN evening)

I think the MW could fill the following dates
CBS: 11/25
CBSSN: 9/9, 10/7, 10/14 (after UTSA at FIU), 10/28
FS1: 9/9, 11/4, 11/18, 11/24 (Thanksgiving) & 11/25

Black Friday (11/25) loses one window on FOX due to the World Cup.  Also, the Big 12 tends to move games to this date and with three games already on Thursday nights, they might be required to move one more game (I'm not sure that Tennessee Tech at Kansas counts).

Also, I'm assuming the 2022-23 NBA schedule starting around October 19th, which should start to push the Friday schedule for ESPN over to ESPN2 most weeks.

Monday, May 2, 2022

CFB TV Guesses: 2022 Week 3 (Final Revision)

One last guess at Week 3 as we head in to May. Games in bold are confirmed for time and TV. Games in italics are confirmed for the TV outlet but not the time. Games in purple are confirmed for a particular network family (ie. an ESPN game = could be ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, etc.).

Under the list of games there's some notes about any changes I made. Also, if your game isn't listed, assume it is being delivered digitally via ESPN+, MW Network or some other means.

7:30pm ESPN: Rutgers at Temple

Now that we know that Chargers at Chiefs is the opening Thursday night game on Amazon's schedule, I think that ESPN can be comfortable in finalizing this game with the Thursday date, if that's their plan.

7:30pm ESPN: Florida State at Louisville
10:30pm Pac-12: Eastern Michigan at Arizona State

11:30am CBSSN: Villanova at Army West Point
12pm ABC: Purdue at Syracuse
12pm FOX: Toledo at Ohio State
12pm ESPN: Miami (FL) at Texas A&M
12pm ESPN2: Colorado at Minnesota
12pm FS1: NM State at Wisconsin
12pm ESPNU: Kansas at Houston
12pm SECN: Akron at Tennessee
12pm BTN: UConn at Michigan
12pm ACCN: Liberty at Wake Forest
12:30pm ACC RSNs: Wofford at Virginia Tech
2pm Pac-12: Montana State vs. Oregon State
2:30pm NBC: California at Notre Dame
3pm CBSSN: Pitt at Western Michigan
3:30pm ABC: Fresno State at USC
3:30pm CBS: Penn State at Auburn
3:30pm ESPN: Texas Tech at NC State
3:30pm ESPN2: Ole Miss at Georgia Tech
3:30pm FS1: Air Force at Wyoming
3:30pm BTN: Southern Illinois at Northwestern
3:30pm NESN+: Stony Brook at UMass
4pm FOX: Michigan State at Washington
4pm ESPNU: WKU at Indiana
4pm SECN: USF at Florida
4pm ACCN: Old Dominion at Virginia
5pm Pac-12: South Alabama at UCLA
6:30pm CBSSN: UCF at Florida Atlantic
7pm ESPN: Georgia at South Carolina
7pm ESPN2: Mississippi State at LSU
7pm FS1: Nevada at Iowa
7pm Stadium: North Texas at UNLV
7:30pm ABC: Oklahoma at Nebraska
7:30pm ESPNU: Vanderbilt at Northern Illinois
7:30pm SECN: ULM at Alabama
7:30pm BTN: SMU at Maryland
7:30pm ACCN: Louisiana Tech at Clemson
8pm FOX: BYU at Oregon
8pm LHN: UTSA at Texas
8pm FS2: UT Martin at Boise State
8pm Pac-12: Colorado State at Washington State
10pm ESPN: San Diego State at Utah
10pm CBSSN: UTEP at New Mexico
11pm Pac-12: North Dakota State at Arizona
11:59pm PPV: Duquesne at Hawai'i

I heard a lot of you on my original choice of Toledo at Ohio State as the night game, and I think you're correct - its not the night game, regardless of how well Ohio State can carry a TV rating. As several of you pointed out, Texas Tech at NC State might end up being a sneaky good game early in the season with NC State returning a lot, so I did move that one up to ESPN. My thought was to be simple about this: Toledo at Ohio State is the type of game FOX doesn't mind taking for a noon start, even if its a blowout, and Oklahoma at Nebraska makes sense for a primetime game on ABC. So I swapped those two.

The CBSSN games are at slightly odd times for the network because of the choice of Mountain West game to end the evening. CBSSN and the MW have an agreement to not start the conference's games later than 8pm local time, so I had to work backwards from there.

CFB TV Guesses: 2022 Week 2 (Final Revision)

Last attempt at TV guess for Week 2 as we head in to May. Games in bold are confirmed for time and TV. Games in italics are confirmed for the TV outlet but not the time. Games in purple are confirmed for a particular network family (ie. an ESPN game = could be ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, etc.).

Under the list of games there's some notes about any changes I made. Also, if your game isn't listed, assume it is being delivered digitally via ESPN+, MW Network or some other needs.

Not planning on a FBS game with this being NFL Opening Night.

8pm ESPN2: Louisville at UCF
9pm CBSSN: Boise State at New Mexico
9:30pm FS1: Colorado at Air Force

I dropped the FIU-Texas State game from television. I don't think its out of the question that ESPN+ carries that one.  I think it may have been scheduled for Friday intentionally by the two schools, knowing that Alabama-Texas is the next day and San Marcos is less than 40 minutes away from Austin.

The two Mountain West games moved to Friday are not confirmed.  Its just me guessing.

I have something to say regarding Alabama at Texas, so I'd ask that you read it after viewing this schedule instead of bypassing it.

12pm ABC: Washington State at Wisconsin
12pm FOX: Alabama at Texas
12pm ESPN: Tennessee at Pitt
12pm ESPN2: Missouri at Kansas State
12pm FS1: Georgia Southern at Nebraska
12pm ESPNU: North Carolina at Georgia State
12pm BTN: Arkansas State at Ohio State
12pm SECN: Wake Forest at Vanderbilt
12pm ACCN: Furman at Clemson
12pm CBSSN: UTSA at Army West Point
12:30pm ACC RSN: Western Carolina at Georgia Tech
1pm Pac-12: Southern Utah at Utah
2:30pm NBC: Marshall at Notre Dame
3:30pm ABC: Hawai'i at Michigan
3:30pm FOX: Iowa State at Iowa
3:30pm ESPN2: Arizona State at Oklahoma State
3:30pm FS1: Virginia at Illinois
3:30pm BTN: Ohio at Penn State
3:30pm BTN: Western Carolina at Minnesota
3:30pm BTN: Indiana State at Purdue
3:30pm CBSSN: Memphis at Navy
4pm ESPNU: Akron at Michigan State
4pm SECN: San Jose State at Auburn
4pm ACCN: Charleston Southern at NC State
4pm Pac-12: Eastern Washington at Oregon
6pm CBSSN on Facebook: Maryland at Charlotte
7pm ESPN: Kentucky at Florida
7pm ESPN2: Appalachian State at Texas A&M
7pm FS1: Houston at Texas Tech
7pm Sooner PPV: Kent State at Oklahoma
7pm CBSSN: Syracuse at UConn
7pm Stadium: Middle Tennessee at Colorado State
7:30pm ABC: USC at Stanford
7:30pm ESPNU: Kansas at West Virginia
7:30pm SECN: South Carolina at Arkansas
7:30pm ACCN: Boston College at Virginia Tech
7:30pm BTN: Duke at Northwestern
7:30pm BTN: Idaho at Indiana
7:30pm BTN: Wagner at Rutgers
8pm Pac-12: Portland State at Washington
10:15pm ESPN: Baylor at BYU
10:30pm ESPN2: UNLV at California
10:30pm FS1: Mississippi State at Arizona
10:30pm CBSSN: Oregon State at Fresno State
11pm Pac-12: Alabama State at UCLA

I moved Indiana State-Purdue and Wagner-Rutgers away from 12pm to give the Ohio State game standalone coverage on BTN.

Dark horse candidate for one of the ABC slots: Tennessee at Pitt.

EDIT: Heinz Field and PNC Park in Pittsburgh share a common set of parking lots. The Pirates play at 6:30pm that evening. Unless the Pirates are willing to move the start time of their game, regardless of what attendance number you think the Pirates game gets, the Pitt game is unlikely to be played at the same time.  

I can think of two instances of a conflict on this one: In 2005, Michigan State's visit to Pitt was originally scheduled for 8pm on ABC while a Pirates game was already scheduled for that evening.  After a lengthy discussion, the Pirates held firm and the Pitt game was shown on a much more limited basis at 12pm on ABC (ABC did not intend to have a 12pm game that day) with wider coverage on ESPN2. The other instance was the 2018 visit by Penn State where the Pirates did move their start time to the afternoon. 

I think there will be a Peacock exclusive Notre Dame game this year, but I think its more likely to be the UNLV game in October. I understand that the ND spring game had a graphic that had NBC as the outlet for all games, but I think they did the same in 2021 and then the Peacock game (Toledo at Notre Dame) was announced a little over a month in advance of the season starting.

Now to the elephant in the room - my belief that Alabama at Texas is earmarked for noon/11am CT on FOX:

FOX Sports has the top choice of games in the Big 12 in even numbered years (Texas is the host so its a Big 12 controlled telecast, not a SEC game), and I have them favoring Alabama at Texas over Texas vs. Oklahoma in 2022. FOX has not had a real chance to choose an Alabama game as a regular season game and while this might be their last to carry the Red River game if the two schools happen to negotiate an exit from the Big 12 before 2024, my belief is the ability to carry an Alabama game can't be passed up.

Red River has been passed up before in the yearly selection order. ESPN had top choice in 2019 and it appears that they chose LSU at Texas for an ABC telecast ahead of Red River, which aired on FOX. You might say "ESPN has plenty of chances to air LSU games", and they do, but not for a game to air on ABC, at least not until the new SEC TV deal kicks in. Right now, its just SEC controlled games and those can't air on ABC, just ESPN networks.

The choice of 12pm ET / 11am CT caused a stir when I did my initial guesses, and probably still will, and I truly do understand the complaint when it comes to heat concerns, but as Oklahoma can attest with their game last year vs. Nebraska, once that game gets picked for TV, they lose out on the ability to dictate nearly all terms with start time when TV rights are sold off and nearly all your games are selected. FOX has marketing behind their best available game being at 12pm ET and rarely strays from that. They did with the Penn State-Iowa game last year when it aired at 4pm ET because the Maryland-Ohio State game the same week was locked to 12pm due to it being the Buckeyes' homecoming game and being set for that time before the season started. Penn State-Iowa was marketed as the big game for FOX that week instead. That situation is the rare exception.

The other "issue" is that FOX also has their MLB window that day at 7pm ET (see last page), which cuts out one of their available windows. I'm under the working assumption that this will not move as FOX has this window in place in primetime for multiple Saturdays in September and October.

If FOX were to bypass Alabama at Texas, yes, it probably airs at night on ABC because ESPN's strategy has been to funnel their best game to primetime when they can. If you want to clap back when that happens, I'm fair game. I just find this game more valuable in 2022 than Red River is.

CFB TV Guesses: 2022 Weeks 0 and 1 (Final Revision)

One last set of guesses at the early season stuff as we head in to May.  Games in bold are confirmed for time and TV.  Games in italics are confirmed for the TV outlet but not the time. Games in purple are confirmed for a particular network family (ie.  an ESPN game = could be ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, etc.).

Under the list of games there's some notes about any changes I made. Also, if your game isn't listed, assume it is being delivered digitally via ESPN+, MW Network or some other needs.

Weeks 0 and 1:

12pm FOX: Nebraska vs. Northwestern
4:30pm CBSSN: UConn at Utah State
4:30pm ACCN: Florida A&M at North Carolina
7pm ESPN: Alabama State vs. Howard (MEAC/SWAC Challenge)
7pm BTN: Wyoming at Illinois
8pm CBSSN: North Texas at UTEP
8pm ACCN: Duquesne at Florida State
9pm AggieVision: Nevada at NM State
11:30pm CBSSN: Vanderbilt at Hawai'i

I added a 3rd window to CBSSN's schedule with C-USA's schedule being finalized. Also, 12pm ET for Nebraska vs. Northwestern means a 5pm local start in Dublin.

7pm FOX: Penn State at Purdue
7pm SECN: Ball State at Tennessee
7pm ACCN: VMI at Wake Forest
7:30pm ESPN: West Virginia at Pitt
8pm ESPNU: Louisiana Tech at Missouri
8pm BTN: NM State at Minnesota
8pm FS1: Central Michigan at Oklahoma State
10pm Stadium: Cal Poly at Fresno State
10:30pm Pac-12: Northern Arizona at Arizona State

Adjustments made are solely around the confirmation of multiple SEC games, plus the addition of a Stadium game for the Mountain West.

7pm ESPN: Virginia Tech at Old Dominion
7pm FS1: Illinois at Indiana
7pm ACCN: Temple at Duke
8pm BTN: Western Michigan at Michigan State
10pm ESPN: TCU at Colorado 

Pac-12 games, at least the ones where spectators are in attendance (ie. not the abbreviated 2020 season), cannot be slotted to start later than 8pm local time, hence the three hour window for Virginia Tech at Old Dominion

12pm ABC: BYU at USF
12pm FOX: Colorado State at Michigan
12pm ESPN: NC State at ECU
12pm FS1: Buffalo at Maryland
12pm ESPNU: Georgia State at South Carolina
12pm SECN: Miami (OH) at Kentucky
12pm ACCN: Rutgers at Boston College
12pm BTN: South Dakota State at Iowa
12:30pm ACC RSN: Richmond at Virginia
12pm CBSSN: Central Connecticut at UConn
2pm Pac-12: UC Davis at California
3:30pm ABC: Georgia vs. Oregon
3:30pm FOX: UTEP at Oklahoma
3:30pm ESPN: Utah at Florida
3:30pm FS1: Boise State at Oregon State
3:30pm CBSSN: Delaware at Navy
3:30pm BTN: Illinois State at Wisconsin
3:30pm Stadium: Texas State at Nevada
4pm ESPNU: North Carolina at Appalachian State
4pm SECN: Memphis at Mississippi State
4pm ACCN: Louisville at Syracuse
5pm Pac-12: Idaho State at Washington State
7pm ESPN: Utah State at Alabama
7pm FS1: ULM at Texas
7pm CBSSN: Houston at UTSA
7pm Stadium: SMU at North Texas
7:30pm ABC: Notre Dame at Ohio State
7:30pm ESPNU: Troy at Ole Miss
7:30pm SECN: Cincinnati at Arkansas
7:30pm BTN: North Dakota at Nebraska
7:30pm ACCN: Bethune-Cookman at Miami (FL)
8pm FS2: Tulsa at Wyoming
8pm Pac-12: Bowling Green at UCLA
8pm Pac-12 Bay Area: Colgate at Stanford
10:30pm ESPN: Rice at USC
10:30pm CBSSN: Arizona at San Diego State
11pm Pac-12: Kent State at Washington
11:59pm PPV: WKU at Hawai'i

Made some minor adjustments of the SEC Network games due to the games that were moved to Thursday night.    

7:30pm ABC: Florida State vs. LSU

8pm ESPN: Clemson vs. Georgia Tech