Sunday, October 31, 2010

Week Eleven 12 Day Guesses and Week Ten 6 Day Updates

Kickoff times for the remaining 11/6 games

Virginia at Duke 12pm
NC State at Clemson 12pm ACC Network
Maryland at Miami (FL)
12pm ESPNU
North Carolina at Florida St. 3:30pm ABC
Iowa at Indiana 12pm Big Ten Network
Illinois at Michigan
12pm ESPN
Minnesota at Michigan St. 12pm Big Ten Network
Northwestern at Penn St.
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2
Wisconsin at Purdue
12pm Big Ten Network
Washington at Oregon 3:30pm ABC
Arizona at Stanford 8pm ABC

Pretty straightforward on this week's picks. Had to put Kansas at Nebraska on PPV, more for the ineptness of the Jayhawks when comparing to the other games available this week. Tough to keep Baylor off TV after they've beaten Texas and that's where they won out. Suppose that Kansas St. at Missouri could be where Kansas-Nebraska would switch out.

ACC was tough and I figured that Wake Forest at NC State could be a split Raycom game with Miami at Georgia Tech. I did consider Syracuse at Rutgers for ABC, but its tough to put a game like that on at the same time as Penn St. at Ohio St.

This week is a SEC on CBS doubleheader. Also believe that this week is a split week for the SEC Network 12pm syndication.

12pm South Carolina at Florida CBS
12pm Iowa at Northwestern ESPN
12pm Indiana at Wisconsin ESPN2
12pm Syracuse at Rutgers ESPNU
12pm Michigan at Purdue Big Ten
12pm Minnesota at Illinois Big Ten
12pm Miami at Georgia Tech ACCNet split
12pm Wake Forest at NC State split
12pm Vanderbilt at Kentucky SECNet split
12pm UTEP at Arkansas SECNet split
12pm Cincinnati at West Virginia Big East
12:30pm Kansas St. at Missouri FSN
12:30pm Kansas at Nebraska FSN PPV
1pm Boston College at Duke
3:30pm Georgia at Auburn CBS
3:30pm Penn St. at Ohio St. ABC/ESPN
3:30pm OK State at Texas ABC
3:30pm Virginia Tech at North Carolina ABC/ESPN
3:30pm Maryland at Virginia ESPNU
3:30pm Western Kentucky at Arkansas St. Sun Belt
3:30pm USF at Louisville
4pm Washington St. at Oregon St. FSN NW (confirmed)
4pm Stanford at Arizona St. FSAZ/CSNBA
7pm Texas A&M at Baylor FSN
7pm Ole Miss at Tennessee ESPNU
7pm UL-Monroe at LSU TigerVision PPV (confirmed)
7:30pm Oregon at California Versus (confirmed)
7:30pm Clemson at Florida St. ESPN2
7:45pm Mississippi St. at Alabama ESPN
8pm Texas Tech at Oklahoma ABC
8pm USC at Arizona ABC (time confirmed)
8pm Utah St. at San Jose St. WAC Network
10:30pm Nevada at Fresno St. ESPNU


christopher5602m said...

is there a chance 2 bigeast games are on this week on the u if maryland game and miami game are both on acc net?

Matt said...

I think its possible to get two Big East games on. That would mean multiple games on for the ACC. Fact is, as of today, they have ranked teams. Big East does not. Even after this weekend, they likely will with NC State and maybe Va. Tech. At best Syracuse gets ranked but I believe that's a long shot.

Christopher5602M said...

syracuse was 29th in ap/33 in coaches after last week and a few teams lost from 16-33 (fsu,miami,michigan,navy,wvu,sd st)i could see them in at 24 or 25 or just out since nc state could jump in

christopher5602m said...

i also considered syracuse rutgers for abc but passed,in the end i put syracuse-rutgers on espn u at 330 with maryland virginia game at noon. if rutgers was 6-2 like cuse i would of put it on abc as the 4th game after b 10,acc and b 12 games

CanadianSportsFan said...

Matt, what is the SEC selection order this week? If CBS has the top 2 picks, then I think it would make sense for them to take Mississippi State-Alabama instead of South Carolina-Flordia. MISS ST-ALA could be one of the very few matchups between two ranked teams on November 13.

Matt said...

The problem is that CBS used their 4th Alabama pick on the LSU game and the Auburn game is pick #5. A SEC team cannot appear on CBS more than five times in a season, with a one time exception of six appearances during the life of the contract w/CBS (until 2024). The SEC championship game doesn't get counted in the appearances.

They used their Florida exception last year. I'm not sure I would use the Alabama exception this season.

CanadianSportsFan said...

Oh I thought any team could appear on CBS six times. Now it makes sense.

Matt said...

I learned something too. Seems that one of CBS's two doubleheaders, usually the 12pm-3:30pm one, CBS doesn't have the top two choices. CBS goes 1st, then ESPN & ESPN2 (if both are used), then CBS goes again.