Thursday, September 3, 2009

Fox College Sports Games

Fox College Sports has published its schedule of games for 2009. Still missing is the CMU-Arizona game so I'm still trying to find out what channel that game will appear on. The rest of the listings are on my site.

As with any list that I've encountered with FCS, it tends to change quite a bit as the season so consider it tentative on a week by week basis.


Anonymous said...

UA is no longer affiliated with Fox sports arizona, therefore FCS wouldnt have access to this game

Matt Sarzyniak said...

That's somewhat true Bill. They are no longer affiliated with FSN AZ, but as an independent distributor they can provide games to Fox College Sports, like Western Kentucky does for men's basketball.

I did contact the UA Media Relations dept and it sounds like a 3rd party attempted to get the game on FCS, but FCS could not give them space to carry the game in full, so it sounds like they may be SOL for this telecast.