Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010 FB Scheduling: Where are we at

The Big 12, PAC-10, SEC (minus Kentucky), Big Ten and independent schedules are set. So what are we waiting on:

  1. The ACC = The conference generally gets their schedule set up in early Febuary. The conference usually has four Thursday night games to schedule and has a Labor Day game as part of its contract if it so desires. Because of the number or weeknight games, the conference often has some OOC games that are still waiting to have a date put to them.
  2. The Big East = Usually after the ACC is the Big East, which has both Thursday and Friday night games set in place. The conference has a fair amount of its schedule dictated by ESPN and that it has to schedule over fourteen or fifteen weeks, so again there are some OOC games that are not set.
  3. The MWC = The one non-AQ conference that is not contracted to ESPN, its schedule will often come out in mid-March or early April and will have all of its TV schedule set at that time.
  4. The other four non-AQs = Because the majority of these conferences have scheduling that includes weeknight TV appearances, ESPN often has a major hand in the scheduling. These tend to come out after the Big East's schedule is announced.
There are a couple high profile games that may be moved around or officially announced (Boise St.-Virginia Tech at FedEx Field, the rumored Oregon St.-TCU game at Cowboys Stadium). I'll probably do a post once Week One's schedule gets more set and try to place games & television assignments at that time.

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Mattu said...

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Also, Opening Thursday night re: OSU game, is ESPN locked into SoCar (early) and USC (late) or is it possible they would bump one for the OSU game. I assume BTN will show the Indiana game. Is it possible BTN will go double header with OSU early and Indiana late? I don't see OSU playing at 10 and I don't see the BTN showing both at the same time.