Sunday, February 14, 2010

Notes on the 1st three weeks guesses

First off, they are just guesses. Don't plan tailgates in September on guesses in February.

I tried to use some of the past trends for telecasts. ABC and ESPN don't like to waste TV selections if they don't have to, so FSN, Big Ten Network and Versus might get a few extra games at the beginning of the year.

FSN themselves also don't like to waste TV slots, so there's a chance that games that would be borderline selections for a national telecast, particularly with the PAC-10, will end up on regional TV.

NASCAR, IRL, MLB and MLS can all conflct with this schedule. I didn't actively look over MLB in great detail, but both NASCAR and IRL were taken into consideration because of their telecast slots on Versus.

The new Big Ten scheduling philosophy will not have a major effect on the early season telecast selections but should have an effect week four and beyond.

Finally, five conferences have not yet announced their schedules for the season (the five non-AQ). Shouldn't have much of an effect on week one. Could have a small effect on week two in the event any of those conferences decide to schedule any conference games. Both Conference USA and the Mountain West have the space to do that if they desire.


Mattu said...

Great work! Can you elaborate on "The new Big Ten scheduling philosophy"?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I'm referring to the Big Ten again scheduling on Thankgiving weekend, which allows teams to have a bye during the season and spreads their games over an extra week.

Mattu said...

gotcha...thanks for sharing your knowledge both here and on your website, oh and twitter.