Sunday, March 14, 2010

My 65

With a pretty soft bubble, I think today's results mean very little, except if Mississippi St. pulls off the upset again this year and wins the SEC. Here's how I have the seeding, starting at the bottom and working our way up. Automatic qualifiers are marked with an asterisk.

16 - Winthrop*, Lehigh*, UAPB*, Robert Morris*, East Tennessee St. - UAPB vs. Winthrop is my play in game
15 - Houston*, Vermont*, North Texas*, UCSB*
14 - Ohio*, Morgan St.*, Montana*, Sam Houston St.*,
13 - New Mexico St.*, Murray St.*, Oakland*, Wofford*
12 - Cornell*, St. Mary's*, Washington*, Virginia Tech
11 - Missouri, Marquette, Wake Forest, Florida
10 - Oklahoma St., UNLV, Florida St., Notre Dame
9 - Northern Iowa*, Siena*, UTEP, Texas
8 - Old Dominion*, San Diego St.*, Clemson, Xavier
7 - Georgia Tech, Louisville, Utah St., Richmond
6 - Michigan St., Gonzaga, California, Maryland
5 - Butler*, Wisconsin, BYU, Vanderbilt
4 - Tennessee, Texas A&M, Temple, Georgetown
3 - Baylor, Purdue, Villanova, Pittsburgh
2 - West Virginia*, Ohio St., Kansas St., New Mexico
1 - Kansas*, Kentucky, Duke, Syracuse

Your thoughts?


Gregory said...

I believe Minnesota gets in regardless of whether they in, but it is close. Their overall resume looks very similar to Florida and Virginia Tech except that Minnesota has been extremely hot during the end-stretch.

In any event, bubble teams will be cheering for Ohio State to defeat Minnesota in the Big Ten championship today.

Sportstunner said...

Grrr.. Not bad.. Houston is almost guaranteed at least a 12 seed.

UCSB should be a 16 and I have Montana as one too. Winthrop is a 14-15.

I have WVU as a #1, GTown as a #2, and New Mexico as a #3.. Syracuse drops with losing 2 in a row.

Glad you kept Purdue high, alot of people are writing them off.

I have Florida in over Wake Forest.. I also have Miss State In and California and their 0 top 50 wins out.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I can't in good conscience put Houston above a 14. UH wasn't even on the NIT bubble.

Switching WV and SYR is nothing I would complain with. GU as a two seems too high, but a three I could do and bump 'Nova down.

I think Purdue at a three was generous. I think you could mix and match PU, GU, 'Nova and Temple. Baylor and Pitt I see as solid threes, aTm and TN as solid fours.

Florida is definitely in play over Virginia Tech. As for Cal, I think winning the PAC-10 regular season as down as it is still means something.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Let me clarify, Ole Miss is in play over VT. Already have Florida in the field.

gatorhead said...

Temple will be a 3.