Saturday, February 26, 2011

Week Two Guesses for '11

Please note that I've moved the Iowa at Iowa St. game to Thursday.  This game is not confirmed and has not been announced by anyone to be moved to a weeknight.

There's a lot of Big Ten games this week, plus with no ABC window due to NASCAR, its kinda messy.  Also place on ACC Network cable game out there.  Not sure who will be doing those games so I just said "cable" instead of FSN, CSS, etc.

Iowa at Iowa St., ESPN 8pm

FIU at Louisville, ESPN 7pm (confirmed)

FAU at Michigan St., ESPN 12pm
Fresno St. at Nebraska, ESPN2 12pm
BYU at Texas, FSN 12pm
Virginia Tech at East Carolina, F/X 12pm
Cincinnati at Tennessee,  ESPNU 12pm
San Diego St. at Army, CBS Sports Network 12pm
Eastern Illinois at Northwestern, Big Ten 12pm
New Mexico St. at Minnesota, Big Ten 12pm
South Dakota St. at Illinois, Big Ten 12pm
Toledo at Ohio St., Big Ten 12pm
Virginia at Indiana, Big Ten 12pm
UAB at Florida, SEC Network 12:30pm
NC State at Wake Forest, ACC Network (over the air) 12:30pm
Rutgers at North Carolina, ABC 3:30pm
Alabama at Penn St., ABC/ESPN2 3:30pm
Arizona at Oklahoma St., ABC/ESPN2 3:30pm
Utah at USC, ABC 3:30pm
Boston College at UCF, FSN 3:30pm
Oregon St. at Wisconsin, ESPN 3:30pm
Stanford at Duke, ESPNU 3:30pm
UTEP at SMU, CBS Sports Network 3:30pm
Georgia Tech at Middle Tennessee, CSS 3:30pm
South Carolina at Georgia, ESPN2 7pm
California at Colorado, Versus 7pm
Mississippi St. at Auburn, ESPNU 7pm
New Mexico at Arkansas, SEC/FSN Regional 7pm
Connecticut at Vanderbilt, PPV/Local TV 7pm
Southern Illinois at Ole Miss, PPV 7pm
Central Michigan at Kentucky, SEC/CSS 7:30pm
Purdue at Rice, CBS Sports Network 8pm
Northwestern St. at LSU, PPV 8pm
Notre Dame at Michigan, ESPN 8pm (confirmed)
Missouri at Arizona St., ESPN2 10:30pm
Nevada at Oregon, FSN 10:30pm


Sean OLeary said...

Assuming they both win week 1, Notre Dame/Michigan in primetime is going to be huge. Especially since both teams will get soooo much preseason coverage with the strong ND finish to 2010 and Brady Hoke's arrival.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I do wonder if they would move a Big Ten game to a weeknight for this week. I know the conference members have a strong stance against it, though they have had Thursday night games on the opening weekend the past two seasons. Maybe Virginia-Indiana or Oregon St.-Wisconsin. I could see Indiana being a target more that Wisconsin. Don't know what provisions Wisconsin, as a school, has for night game.