Thursday, April 7, 2011

MWC 2011 Television Schedule Released, CBS College Sports Filling Their Schedule

The MWC released its 2011 television schedule today, so it seems like all is set with existing television partner CBS Sports Network, along with secondary partner Comcast.  I say Comcast is a secondary partner because they don't actually own any MWC football rights.  They've gained clearance to air games as the owner of the mtn., plus through sublicensing games on Versus.

Anyways the schedule looks about the same as prior seasons, though there is one less game on CBS Sports Network than compared to previous years.  With each team carrying one more non-conference game and in some cases having to fill the game with a 2nd FCS team or an away game, CBS didn't have quite the picks they used to.  Also the mtn. is carrying a few more games vs. FCS teams than they have in the past.  It allows them to maintain a schedule of 30 games, which is right around what they've carried in prior year.  One item that is new is a Friday night game on CBS Sports Network, something the conference has not done with the network.  They have played games on Fridays, but most were on Black Friday and the other game traditionally is played on a Friday (Utah St.-BYU).

With the games in place, CBS Sports Network is beginning to flesh its schedule out.  Assuming that all Army games will kickoff at 12pm and Navy games at 3:30pm, it leaves likely around 15-18 games that C-USA could fill on the network, plus eight MWC games.  In the case of the C-USA schedule, it depends on what games FOX Sports wants to air and whether any C-USA games will air in 12pm slots that could be available for the eastern time zone schools.

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