Sunday, September 18, 2011

Guesses for 10/1 TV Selections

If you are new to this blog, I tend to try to guess which games networks will pick for a given weekend before they make their selections on Monday.  Not keeping score, but I do try to follow each conference's contract rules and make some educated guesses.    Feel free to comment, tell me I'm FOS, ask questions, etc. has the current confirmed games & times.  Click on the Flex Windows on the page to see the timeslots available.

These selections are for October 1st

Texas A&M vs. Arkansas, 3:30pm
Alabama at Florida, 8pm

ABC (both 3:30pm games reverse mirrored to ESPN)
Wake Forest at Boston College, 3:30pm 
Michigan St. at Ohio St., 3:30pm 
Nebraska at Wisconsin, 8pm 

Minnesota at Michigan, 12pm
Notre Dame at Purdue, 8pm

Auburn at South Carolina, 12pm
Clemson at Virginia Tech, 6pm

Northwestern at Illinois, 12pm
Idaho at Virginia, 3:30pm
Georgia Tech at NC State, 7pm

FOX Sports
Texas Tech at Kansas, 12pm (FSN special presentation)
Kentucky at LSU, 12pm (SEC RSNs)
Washington at Utah, 3:30pm (FSN)
Bethune-Cookman at Miami (FL), 3:30pm (ACC RSNs)
Iowa St. at Texas, 4pm (F/X)
Baylor at Kansas St., 7pm (FSN)
Arizona at USC, 8pm (F/X)
UCLA at Stanford, 10:30pm (FSN)

Penn St. at Indiana, 12pm

ACC Network
Towson at Maryland, 12:30pm

SEC Network
Mississippi St. at Georgia, 12pm

Buffalo at Tennessee, 12pm (CSS)
Washington St. at Colorado, 7pm (Root Sports NW/Fox College Sports)
Oregon St. at Arizona St., 7pm (Root Sports NW/Fox Sports Arizona)


Kyle said...

So the SEC does have TV rights to the Southwest Classic?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Yes. It was confirmed by SEC PR that TV rights belong to the SEC.

Kevin Beane said...

What is your rationale behind WF/BC on ABC? Don't they have a high choice of ACC games? Those are two of the worst teams in the conference, although I realize several are reaching down to FCS (and Idaho) that week.

Kevin Beane said...

What is your rationale behind BC/WF on ABC? Those are two of the worst teams in the ACC. I realize there's a lot of crap ACC that week, but you even predicted ESPNU gets a more attractive ACC game.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Kevin, my thought at the time was that Clemson-VT would warrant national coverage and also that the ACC would fill the 7pm ESPNU slot, which ESPN eventually filled by pulling a Sun Belt game that was exclusive and putting it on TV.