Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Who needs a game in 2012?

Realignment means games get dropped, added, cancelled & postponed.  So who needs a game in 2012 as of March 9th, 2012?

Boise St. - 13th game available
Hawai'i - 13th game available
Nevada - 13th game available

Much of this information came from FBSchedules.com plus a spreadsheet that I've been compiling.  If you know that a team has filled its schedule, let me know.   Let FBSchedules.com know too.  They do great work over there.


Mark Falzone said...

Do you know which of these teams would likely go FCS? Just curious to see how that would make the list look.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I think virtually all of them could. Nebraska, Boise St., Missouri & North Texas do not have one on the schedule currently. All of the Big East teams listed have at least one on the schedule and could end up with two.

Mark Falzone said...

I'm an ACC fan, I was hoping FSU would schedule an AQ opponent to boost the ACC's strength of schedule. Especially since WVU was a quality opponent.

Based on what you have here, I'm thinking Cincy might be the best shot?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

FSU's initial stance of "no return game" may need to soften to get someone in there, though the Big East teams are hamstrung by needing multiple games in many cases. They would be better served by dumping the WVU series or moving both ends to a later year since the 2013 game is still on the schedule at this time.

Mark Falzone said...

No kidding--they're keeping the 2013 WVU game? I didn't realize that, but I guess that IS why they are insisting on no return.

Why aren't they dumping the 2013 game? What is the advantage to keeping it?

I guess the ACC could try to pressure Pitt into giving FSU a no return game.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

My guess is that if the whole series is cancelled it frees WVU from some of the financial responsibilities in the series contract. Maybe it could be considered a mutual cancellation at that point, but I don't really know. But the 2013 is scheduled to be played at WVU IIRC, which feels even dummer.

Either way, my guess is that FSU is going to go after WVU for some form of damages.

No return = North Texas ???

Mark Falzone said...

Yeah, I'm assuming no return does = North Texas. Either that or a second FCS.

You must be right on the contract $$$ motive. I really can't see any other reason to keep the contract in place.

If the 2013 game is still on, then WVU will still need to cancel another game. Looking at their OOC schedule, the FSU game probably makes the most sense to cancel.

Maybe FSU wants WVU to cancel both because of contract money?

But in case they don't, FSU needs just a home game for this year?

Just a thought.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

FSU seems quite bent on it being a home game. If Missouri wasn't already making the trip to Orlando, a trip to Tallahasse might be an option.

And now that I looked at it, it can't be North Texas either. UNT only has four home games and the NCAA, as I understand it, requires you to have five home games as a minimum. The other OOC games for the Mean Green are road games vs. LSU, KState and Houston.

I think a 2nd FCS team is virtually assured.

Mark Falzone said...

Not sure Missouri would want to do it in their first year in the SEC anyway. It probably is FCS, but I wonder if any of the Big East teams, like Cincy, are still possible.

Mark Falzone said...

Check this out:

It says both years of FSU-WVU series canceled, and new game for FSU being announced today or tomorrow.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Thanks Mark. Unfortunately the article is behind a paywall.

Mark Falzone said...

When I pulled it up from google, the article pulled up no problem. The link may have been truncated. Try googling Florida State 2012 Schedule under news

Temple Football Forever said...

Hey Matt,
Is it possible that all the MAC teams now need a game with Temple gone?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

@Temple - I don't think so. I believe the MAC will revert to the scheduling format it had with Temple in the conference as a 13th member. With Temple leaving and Massachusetts playing a MAC schedule, the number of members didn't decrease. What I expect they will do is have to adjust possibly everyone's MAC opponents.