Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Homecoming and the Big Ten

Besides the Big Ten setting their night games yesterday and at some point in late May/early June, the Big Ten will also set the kickoff times of their homecoming games in advance of the season.  Sometimes they come up with television broadcasters, sometimes they don't.  Here's the dates of those games.

9/29 Minnesota at Iowa
9/29 Wisconsin at Nebraska (already set for primetime)
10/6 Michigan St. at Indiana
10/6 Nebraska at Ohio St. (already set for primetime)
10/6 Northwestern at Penn St.
10/13 Illinois at Michigan
10/13 Iowa at Michigan St.
10/13 Northwestern at Minnesota
10/13 Wisconsin at Purdue
10/27 Iowa at Northwestern
10/27 Indiana at Illinois
10/27 Michigan St. at Wisconsin

ABC might want one of these games in advance and set it for the 3:30pm slot.  Otherwise, most of these will be at 12pm ET.

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