Thursday, August 16, 2012

Its getting late FOX & Big 12. Where are you?

Its August 16th.  Do you know where your Big 12 telecast is going to be shown?  No?  Can't say that we officially know either, short of games where Big 12 teams are on the road at another conference.

FOX was supposed to finish up a deal with the Big 12 for expanded television rights in football, along with an ESPN extension, that would vastly increase each schools' take home pay to around $20 million per year.

Right now?  I guess we're running under the existing ABC deal of 18 games per year.  At a minimum, we should be running under a FOX deal that would provide for F/X, FSN and FOX College Sports to carry 40 games per year.  Plus each school should be able to create their own institutional package with part of the package including one football game (we know that schools could have more than one game, read on).

So what is known, much of which is extremely tentative.  All times Eastern:

Week one
* Marshall-West Virginia, per the C-USA media guide, is set for a 12pm start on F/X.
* Tulsa-Iowa St. is also supposed to air on FSN per the C-USA media guide.  Iowa St. set the kick time at 12pm, which would conflict with the Appalachian St.-East Carolina game.  Some FSN regional listings have the game at 3:30pm.
* Wyoming-Texas, per comments from Mack Brown, will air on the Longhorn Network. Kickoff time TBA, but as others have mentioned, likely an evening kickoff.
* Savannah St.-Oklahoma St., via a NewsOK article, could air on PPV at 7pm.
* South Dakota St.-Kansas will be syndicated through the Jayhawk Television Network at 7pm.
* SMU-Baylor was set for Sunday on FSN at 6:30pm.
* Oklahoma's road game at UTEP will air on FSN as part of the Conference USA television package at 10:30pm (8:30pm El Paso time).

Week two
* Miami (FL)-Kansas St. was set for a 12pm kickoff time.  My assumption, because Penn St.-Virginia is set for a national telecast on ABC, is that this game will air on F/X.
* Rice-Kansas, per the C-USA media guide, will air on FSN at 3:30pm.
* Florida A&M-Oklahoma, per the NewsOK article, could be televised regionally or locally.  It has an evening kickoff time.
* Likely through some negotiation with ESPN, FOX and possibly the Big 12, New Mexico at Texas will air on Longhorn Network at 8pm, again per comments from Mack Brown.
* Road games for Iowa St. (vs. Iowa, 3:30pm, BTN), Oklahoma St. (vs. Arizona, 10:30pm, Pac-12 Networks) & Texas Tech (vs. Texas St., 7pm, ESPN3) will air as part of other conferences' TV packages.

Week three
* Per an FSN regional listing, UL-Lafayette at Oklahoma St. is scheduled to air on FSN at 12pm.
* Because of the previous item, TCU-Kansas should air on F/X at 12pm.
* FOX's press release of FSN telecast times has a 7pm slot on this date.  Two Big 12 games were set for this time: North Texas-Kansas St. & New Mexico-Texas Tech.  One would be selected.
* Texas-Ole Miss (ESPN, 9:15pm ET) will air as part of the SEC telecast package.

ABC did make some future telecast selections (Red River Shootout, West Virginia-Iowa St.) and it seems like TCU-Texas was moved to Thanksgiving just for them.  But its late.  Extremely late.  Two weeks until kickoff of the Thursday night openers.  As I joked a few weeks ago, these games are now in 12 day pick territory, though I suspect the conference and schools are putting on their best poker face when they say they don't know where these games will air.

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