Wednesday, November 14, 2012

11/23 & 11/24 Late Selections plus 12/1 Selections

Guesses for 11/23 & 11/24 late selections

* Toledo-NIU is the key MAC game in the west and if NIU wins on 11/14, it would render any west games moot. MAC East would be the focus.
* Miami (FL) at Duke, more of less, would decide the ACC Coastal.  Georgia Tech cannot win the ACC Coastal it in a tiebreaker with Miami because the Hurricanes won head-to-head.  They need to win this week vs. Duke, then hope for a Duke win over Miami to clinch the ACC Coastal.
* Of the three games at 3:30pm, I'm expecting Florida-Florida St. to be national even though it means nothing to either the ACC or SEC, though it could be important to the ACC and/or SEC having two BCS teams.  Yes, knock the ACC, it deserves it, but if Florida St. and Clemson are top ten, there's probably a decent chance both will have BCS aspirations, particularly since Florida St. and Clemson can't play each other in the ACC title game.
* Per TitanTV, FOX's evening window is a 6:30pm start time.  For some reason, FOX moved from 3pm & 7pm times this week to 2:30pm & 6:30pm respectively.
* Missouri-Texas A&M may not mean anything by the time it kicks off when it comes to the SEC West title, but I think it will be the ESPN game even though Palmetto State matchup could have BCS bowl implications for at-large spots.
* I'm assuming Oregon beats Stanford, making it black-n-white for FOX to choose a game, a choice to take the top ranked Pac-12 team.  If they don't, FOX will have to weigh the possibility of Stanford facing UCLA twice in back-to-back weeks if UCLA wins the Crosstown Rivalry & wins the Pac-12 South.  Yes, its very real.  And there are scenarios where Stanford would host UCLA, but UCLA could also host back-to-back games with Stanford.

11am ESPNU: Buffalo vs. Bowling Green
TBA ESPN3: Ohio at Kent St.

12pm ESPN2: Miami (FL) at Duke
12pm ESPNU: Rutgers at Pittsburgh
12:30pm ACC Network: Maryland at North Carolina
12:30pm ACC Network: Virginia at Virginia Tech
3pm ACC RSNs: Boston College at NC State
3:30pm ABC: Florida at Florida St.
3:30pm ESPN: Oklahoma at Oklahoma St.
3:30pm ESPN2: Wisconsin at Penn St.
3:30pm ESPNU: Vanderbilt at Wake Forest
6:30pm FOX: Oregon at Oregon St.
7pm ESPN: Missouri at Texas A&M
7pm ESPN2: South Carolina at Clemson
10:30pm Pac-12 Network: Stanford at UCLA

Guesses for 12/1

* No ESPNU slots on this day.  Wall-to-wall college basketball that day
* No Reverse Mirrors available.  ESPN2 has college basketball at 3pm, ESPN has MLS Cup action.
* ABC does not currently list a 12pm slot that day, just 3:30pm & 8pm.
* Big East contract says there will be one Saturday primetime game per year.  Here it is.  Cincinnati could win a share of conference, possibly the entire thing, based on remaining games.

12pm ESPN: Pittsburgh at USF
12pm ESPN2: C-USA Championship
12pm F/X: Oklahoma St. at Baylor
12pm FSN: Kansas at West Virginia
3pm ESPN3: Middle Tennessee at Arkansas St.
3:30pm ABC: Oklahoma at TCU
7pm ESPN2: Cincinnati at Connecticut
7:45pm ESPN: ACC Championship
8pm ABC: Texas at Kansas St.
10:30pm ESPN2: Boise St. at Nevada

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