Sunday, January 6, 2013

MBK Conference & National TV Games

Was bored and decided to go through my MBK database to look over which conferences make it on TV the most in terms of the contracts they have.  I included CBS, the ESPNs, NBC Sports Network, FSN and CBS Sports Network.

FSN was included because both the Pac-12 and C-USA consider the network as national TV, despite pockets of the country that do not receive it.

I may have missed some games that were "home" games for teams that were attached to exempt events, such as North Carolina playing a home game vs. Florida Atlantic under the Maui Invitational.  Sometimes these games are attached to the event instead of the conference, so I've left them out.

These counts only include regular season games.  No conference tournament games are being counted, so the Ivy League is on equal footing with others in the list.  Conversely, we don't yet know what the BracketBuster matchups are, but I don't think they get counted into those conferences' contracts.

I tacked on ESPN3 exclusives on the side because of its availability in so many homes.  For several conferences, ESPN3 is the only place to see regular season games.  The ESPN3 list does not include games from the Big East, Big 12, ACC or SEC syndication packages that end up on ESPN3 in addition to being telecast regionally.  I realize including ESPN3 is a slippery slope when there are some conferences like the Horizon League & Big West which shows many home games free of charge through their website when they aren't televised.

The two conferences missing from the list: Big Sky and Summit League.  The Summit League repurposes many games produced by local carriers on FOX College Sports.  The Big Sky schools tend to make their own deals.  ROOT Sports holds rights on a regional level, but has not scheduled any telecasts yet for this season.

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