Wednesday, April 24, 2013

FOX Sports 1's inaugural Thursday night schedule

Plenty of ambiguity exists in the initial FOX Sports 1 Thursday night football schedule.  FOX's schedule should include a mix of Big 12, Conference USA and Pac-12 games.

9/5: FAU at East Carolina or TBA
9/12: TCU at Texas Tech or Tulane at Louisiana Tech
9/26: Iowa St. at Tulsa or TBA
10/3: Texas at Iowa St. or UCLA at Utah
10/10: Arizona at USC or TBA
10/24: Marshall at Middle Tennessee or TBA
10/31: Arizona St. at Washington St. or Rice at North Texas
11/7: Oklahoma at Baylor or Oregon at Stanford
11/14: Marshall at Tulsa or TBA
11/28: Texas Tech at Texas

See, ton of ambiguity.  A few of these games could be locked in 100%, but there's always the possibility of CBS Sports Network taking a C-USA game or the Pac-12 Network taking a Pac-12 game.

With the current number of games, there could be as many as six C-USA games, 2-4 Pac-12 games and 0-4 Big 12 games, but that leaves some Thursdays not filled.  FOX alluded to every Thursday having a football game, and they have Pac-12 and C-USA games to choose for 8/30.  Conversely, those two conferences aren't available on 12/5 because of conference championship games, so if there will be a Thursday night game on 12/5 it would have to be a Big 12 game.

The only dates with two game choices for FOX that I feel somewhat certain of the choice are 9/12 and 10/31.  On 9/12, ESPN only has a choice of TCU at Texas Tech right now, so if they take that then FOX should have Tulane at Louisiana Tech.  For 10/31, ESPN already has USF at Houston, leaving FOX to choose between Arizona St. at Washington St. & Rice at North Texas.  CBS Sports Network does not have rights to the Pac-12, so it should end up with Rice at North Texas, leaving Arizona St. at Washington St. for FOX.