Thursday, May 2, 2013

Questions I have for SEC Network

"Project X" gets a real name today.  Here's what I'm curious to find out.
  • Will there be any announced carriers today?
  • Is there an online component to this channel?  I assume so since there is one to Longhorn Network & other ESPN properties.
  • Will the channel be a multi-screen operation with alternate feeds when multiple games are ongoing in football or basketball?  Will it be regional like the Pac-12?
  • What are the terms of ownership, specifically the conference's stake in the network?
  • How many times will the SEC Network jump ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNU?
  • Will there be less games on the national cable properties?
  • Besides the institutional game that is being committed to the network, are there any requirements around the number of times each school must appear on the network?  
    • If there is a requirement, will it apply specifically to conference games?  In other words, will a school have to appear on the SEC Network in football for at least one conference game like BTN?
  • Have there been any alterations to CBS's contract which allows for games to be spread out throughout the day?  In other words, will CBS's content in football remain non-exclusive with the exception of one window a year, the 12pm window.
  • Will all the syndication packages go away?  I've heard two different responses to that question and it may not yet be resolved.
Let's see if any of these questions get answered.

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