Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What the bowl picture looks like starting in '14-'15

Thought it would be ideal to look at how the bowl picture is filling out for the upcoming 6-8 years.  I think I've captured everything that's been announced & expected to be announced.  I'm sure I missed something.  Comment away and I'll fix/update.

Bowl Conference(s) #1 Conference(s) #2 Notes
Orange ACC (Champion or best non playoff team) Big Ten/SEC/Notre Dame Notre Dame can appear a maximum of two times. SEC & Big Ten must appear each at least three times over a 12 year period
Rose Big Ten (Champion or best non playoff team) Pac-12 (Champion or best non playoff team)
Sugar Big 12 (Champion or best non playoff team) SEC (Champion or best non playoff team)
Chick-Fil-A/Peach At-Large/Top Go5 Champ At-Large/Top Go5 Champ Chick-Fil-A/Peach will receive ACC Champ if Orange is in playoff & ACC Champ is not
Fiesta At-Large/Top Go5 Champ At-Large/Top Go5 Champ
Cotton At-Large/Top Go5 Champ At-Large/Top Go5 Champ
Las Vegas MWC #1 Pac-12 Not required to take MWC champion.  Will be open one year when MW fills Armed Forces Bowl slot
Poinsettia  MWC #2 See pairings Navy (2014), Army (2015), BYU (2016 & 2018) and the MAC (2017 & 2019) are the MW opponents.  The MAC is a backup in all years where they are not the primary tie-in.  The American is also a backup conference.
New Mexico MWC #3-4 C-USA
Armed Forces Army (2014)/Big Ten / Big 12 #7 American/MWC Matchups will be Big Ten vs. Mountain West (odd numbered years) & Big 12 vs. American (even numbered years except 2014).  Army vs. American in 2014.  C-USA will be a backup conference.
Hawai'i MWC #3-4 C-USA/American C-USA (even numbered years) & American (odd numbered years) will play here three times over six years . Hawai'i, if bowl eligible, will be slotted here.  Will be open one year when MW fills Armed Forces Bowl slot. C-USA will back up the MWC & American.
Famous Idaho Potato MWC #5 MAC
New Orleans See matchups See matchups C-USA will play in the game at three times over the next six years.
2014-2017 - Mix of Sun Belt, MW & C-USA
2018 - American vs. Sun Belt
2019 - American vs. Conference USA
GoDaddy MAC Sun Belt
Beef O'Brady's ACC/C-USA American ACC will be in the game in even numbered seasons.  C-USA in odd numbered seasons & the ACC will back up C-USA.
New Detroit Game Big Ten ACC #7-10 Expected to be certified next year.
Pinstripe Big Ten ACC #3-6
Military American ACC #7-10
Kraft Fights Hunger Big Ten Pac-12 Pac-12 selection after Holiday
Belk ACC #3-6 SEC #3-8
Texas Big 12 #4 SEC #3-8 Rumored to be SEC
Russell Athletic ACC #2 Big 12 #3 Would be ACC #3 when Capital One Bowl takes ACC team.  Big 12 after Alamo Bowl.
Buffalo Wild Wings Big 12 #6 Pac-12 MWC is the conditional choice if either the Big 12 or Pac-12 cannot fill in this bowl game
Music City Big Ten or ACC #3-6 SEC #3-8
Heart Of Dallas Big Ten / Big 12 #7 C-USA Big Ten & Big 12 will rotate appearances in this game & Armed Forces.   
Alamo Big 12 #2 Pac-12 Top selection outside of playoff and/or Sugar (Big 12) or Rose (Pac-12)
Holiday Big Ten Pac-12 Pac-12 selection after Alamo
AdvoCare V100 ACC #7-10SEC #10 C-USA will provide a backup selection if either the ACC or SEC cannot fill their slot. The American is also a backup conference.
Sun ACC #3-6 Pac-12 Pac-12 selection after Kraft Fights Hunger
Liberty Big 12 #5 SEC #3-8 The American is a backup conference
Gator Big Ten or ACC #3-6 SEC #3-8
Capital One Big Ten/ACC SEC #2 ACC replaces Big Ten when Big Ten appears as ACC opponent in Orange Bowl. 
Outback Big Ten SEC #3-8
Birmingham SEC #9 American ACC is the 1st backup conference, if it has a team available after the Beef O'Brady's Bowl
Christmas ?? ?? Not yet certified. Pac-12, MWC and BYU are rumored to be tied in.
Camellia MAC Sun Belt Not yet certified. ESPN owned bowl game. 
Boca Raton See matchups See matchups Not yet certified. ESPN owned bowl game.
2014 - MAC vs. C-USA
2015 - MAC vs. American
2016 - C-USA vs. American (???)
2017 - C-USA vs. American (???)
2018 - MAC vs. C-USA
2019 - MAC vs. American
Bahamas See matchups See matchups Not yet certified.
2014 & 2016 - MAC vs. American
2015 - MAC vs. C-USA
2017 - MAC vs. Sun Belt
2018 - C-USA vs. American
2019 - C-USA vs. Sun Belt
Miami Beach American (2014-2019) See matchups Not yet certified.
2014 & 2015 - American vs. C-USA
2016 & 2018 - American vs. MAC
2017 & 2019 - American vs. C-USA or ??? 


Unknown said...

I know the Big 12 will have some sort of agreement with the Heart of Dallas Bowl per the Dallas morning news. The Baylor AD said it won't be an every year thing, so maybe they'll share with the Big 10.

The conference #2 for the Armed Forces is supposed to be the MWC #3-5.

Although not official, there was an article that came out a couple weeks ago about a new game in Miami being played as just needing official approval and it will involve the American conference. Although nothing was mentioned about the opponent, I assume the opponent will be C-USA since they have FIU and FAU. Here's the article

As for things more along the rumors side, the above article mentions a possible game of American and ACC (3 of 6 years) in the St Pete bowl...
It also mentions a possible American-SEC matchup in the Birmingham bowl.
Last, it says the American could meet the Sun Belt in the New Orleans bowl.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Hi Dan. First off, sorry that it took a day for your comment to post. Google's new inbox system put blog comments in a category that would not notify me.

The MW has said they are out for the Armed Forces bowl and are pursuing an alliance with multiple bowls in the Southeast.

I've seen the rumored bowl games that are popping up to play a Marlins Park, Comerica Park, etc. but I'm hesitant to put anything out there compared to the new Lions/Ford Field game that was announced.