Sunday, October 27, 2013

CFB TV Guesses for 11/9

Quick postscript on 10/26 re:  FOX's decision to put TCU-Texas on FOX Sports 2 & FSN - Works for me if it covers everyone.  Makes sense in this context: Texas Tech-Oklahoma was on FOX, so to keep as much of that audience as possible, go with the most carried cable channel available (FOX News).  FS1 is in less homes than either F/X or FNC, so I guess they could have stepped down to FXX to replace or do the hybrid coverage that they did.  Yes I know FS2 isn't offered everywhere in HD.  Hey, FOX Sports Ohio HD is still part time on DirecTV and the Cleveland feed (660-1) did not get Oklahoma St.-Iowa St. in HD yesterday.

On to the 11/9 picks.

* For those of you who complain to me that Saturday looks empty every week, this week you have a reason to complain.  They took every that was decent, minus LSU-Alabama, and threw it on Thursday night (Oklahoma-Baylor & Oregon-Stanford).
* For what is currently available to ABC, now that Big Ten games can't air in the evening, Virginia Tech-Miami (FL) looks like the best available game and that's with the Hokies loss.  Slight chance Notre Dame-Pitt slips in there, but Pitt managed to lose to Navy.
* We're now on standard time, so the Arizona schools now fall in line with the Mountain Time Zone.
* CBS doubleheader with a primetime game.  This means they'll select the top two SEC games this week
* FOX RSNs will have an SEC game at 12pm ET instead of the evening because of CBS's exclusive window
* FSN selected Tulsa-East Carolina with a start time of 3:45pm
* It is possible that CBS will use a six day hold on the 3:30pm window.  LSU-Alabama seems like a no-brainner.  They may desire to showcase Missouri-Kentucky or the Auburn-Tennessee game.
* Maybe, just maybe, FOX will pick a Pac-12 game to air in primetime.  They don't have much flexibility left.  And with very little flexibility left, I have a Big 12 tripleheader on FOX Sports 1.
* Pac-12 Network schedules have games at 3pm & 10:30pm ET, respectively.
* I think there's a chance, a small chance, that they could pass on doing a reverse mirror at 3:30pm ET.  Just place one game each on ABC, ESPN and ESPN2

12pm ABC: BYU at Wisconsin
12pm ESPN: Penn St. at Minnesota
12pm ESPN2: Missouri at Kentucky
12pm FOX Sports 1: TCU at Iowa St.
12pm ESPNU: Vanderbilt at Florida
12pm BTN: Illinois at Indiana
12pm SEC/FSN Regional: Mississippi St. at Texas A&M
12pm SEC TV: Arkansas at Ole Miss
12pm American: SMU at Cincinnati
12:30pm ACC Network: Syracuse at Maryland
3pm Pac-12: Arizona St. at Utah
3:30pm CBS: Auburn at Tennessee
3:30pm ABC with Reverse Mirror: Houston at UCF
3:30pm ABC with Reverse Mirror: Nebraska at Michigan
3:30pm ESPN/ESPN2: Notre Dame at Pittsburgh
3:30pm ESPNU: NC State at Duke
3:30pm BTN: Iowa at Purdue
3:30pm ACC RSNs: Virginia at North Carolina
4pm FOX Sports 1: Kansas at Oklahoma St.
7pm FOX: UCLA at Arizona
7pm ESPN: Florida St. at Wake Forest
7pm ESPN2: Kansas St. at Texas Tech
7pm ESPNU: Fresno St. at Wyoming
8pm CBS: LSU at Alabama
8pm ABC: Virginia Tech at Miami (FL)
8pm FOX Sports 1: Texas at West Virginia
10:30pm ESPN: Colorado at Washington
10:30pm ESPNU: Utah St. at UNLV
10:30pm Pac-12: USC at California

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