Thursday, May 29, 2014

Notes on C-USA Preliminary TV schedule

C-USA Controlled Telecast Schedule

* Feels kinda light doesn't it?  Especially on the CBS Sports Network end, where just seven conference controlled games were selected.  Assuming no contract terms were modified to their television contract, CBSSN didn't even take the ten selections it is allotted between FOX's first ten selections and their second batch.

As it was pointed out to me, CBSSN only took one Saturday intraconference game (Rice at Louisiana Tech on 11/29) and only three of the seven selections were games between two C-USA schools.  Not sure how much they really value the conference, especially with the sublicense package they'll have from the American Athletic Conference which has several former C-USA members.

* Another reason the schedule feels kinda light, I assume, is the lack of a regional sublicense partner for CBS Sports Network.  CSS, who sublicensed C-USA content from CBSSN, will shut down on Saturday night.  They typically aired 10+ football games per year plus men's basketball games.  CBSSN may be working with local stations and regional networks from Time Warner, Cox and Comcast, maybe FOX RSNs too, to try to get more C-USA games on television if CBSSN is required to do so.

I took a quick look over NBCSN's availability.  They have scheduled MLS telecast windows most Saturdays through late October, plus some English Premier League, Formula 1 and CAA football commitments.  They may also have some Ivy League games too.

Otherwise, the C-USA Digital Network will have a lot more exclusive games.

* FOX set six games of its twenty games to air on FOX Sports 1.  Last year, FS1 guaranteed that ten conference-controlled games will air on the network.  That guarantee was not in the conference's release, but could be found in UTSA's press release.  Not sure if UTSA added something on their own or if the stipulation no longer exists.

* FSN is airing the FAU at FIU game on October 4th.  I assume this was done because FS1 will be carrying a MLB Division Series game.

* On 10/25, FOX only has three telecast windows across their primary networks.  I don't think C-USA will be shown in the 3:30pm ET FOX window.  While it is possible for a 9pm local time start (just look at the Texas Tech-UTEP game on 9/13), I don't see them being shown in the late FS1 window.  I think North Texas at Rice would air on FSN at 12pm ET.

* The 11/15 North Texas at UTEP game is also unique as FOX could fit it in nearly any available telecast window, though that means possible 10am (FSN) & 8pm (FS1) local time kickoffs, neither of which are ideal.  In previous years, UTEP has went for early afternoon kickoff times for November home games.  That would lead one to believe that UTEP would prefer the mid afternoon windows currently scheduled for either FSN or FS1.

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Jeremiah said...

The CBS situation doesn't bode well for C-USA's next TV contract.