Sunday, August 31, 2014

A look at upcoming men's basketball scheduling items

* Was going through the non-conference schedules of C-USA for men's basketball and there are a few games vs. Power 5 & higher profile opponents that should be worthwhile for selection by FOX Sports 1 and CBS Sports Network.
  • Washington St. at UTEP (11/14)
  • Miami (FL) at Charlotte (11/25)
    • This game is attached to the Charleston Classic event
  • South Carolina at Marshall (12/1)
  • Penn St. at Marshall (12/6)
  • LSU at UAB (12/18)
  • Arizona at UTEP (12/19)
  • Louisville at Western Kentucky (12/20)
  • Creighton at North Texas (12/21)
* Looked over the CAA non-conference schedules as NBCSN picked up ten conference games, three of which are part of the conference tournament.  A couple non-conference games that the network could end up choosing, if they want them, are Virginia at James Madison on 11/14 and Temple at Delaware on 12/18.  Both dates appear open at the moment on NBCSN as 11/14 was skipped on the NBCSN college hockey schedule.

* Based on existing programming announcements, here's some items re: the non-conference Big East schedule.  These assumptions were based on non-conference schedule announcements that have been made.
  • If FS1 shows a Big East game on November 14th, it will be at 6pm as there is a NASCAR Truck Series race at 8pm ET
  • Any games on 11/15, 11/21, 11/22 or 11/29 will be on FOX entities.  CBSSN is booked for the entire day.
    • Note that FS1 has a lot of programming on those days too.  Consider these FS2 or FSN days
  • 11/20 has one game scheduled and FS1 has a college football game, so FS2 or CBSSN is a possibility
  • 12/6 is the final Saturday of the college football regular season.  FS1 is scheduled to air a Big 12 game at 3pm ET, so it is possible that one basketball game will need to move to CBSSN
  • 12/2, 12/6, 12/10 & 12/22 are days where there are three or more games, so a game could move to another outlet from FS1.
None of this takes into the account that FS1 picks up a C-USA or Pac-12 on any of these dates, which could necessitate other scheduling changes.

* With the American announcing its conference TV schedule along with the schedule for the conference tournament, it seems plausible that the Big 12 semifinals will air on ESPN2 on Friday night of "Championship Week" with the ACC semis on ESPN and the 2nd half of the American quarterfinals on ESPNU.

* I'm told the next batch of TV schedule announcements should be out this week and could include both the Pac-12 and WCC.  The Big East would be on target to be released this week, but that depends on the slotting of games.

* Just like last year, CBS Sports Network selected 25 American games.  This year they had the ability to choose up to 30 games but stayed at the lower level even though more games were available to them with eleven schools' games.

I don't think CBS Sports Network has access to the non-conference games that the American schools control, which is different to the sublicense that CBS has with FOX for Big East games.  I think the American schools retain rights to most of their non-conference games after ESPN selects any that they want to televise.  Of the games not selected, they may not be able to offer them to another national TV outlet.

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