Friday, October 24, 2014

Six day guesses for 11/1

Since there are enough games to make this worthwhile, here's a guess for 11/1.  This assumes the schools in bold win using today's daily lines.  Yes, I know WVU-Oklahoma St. is nearly a pick 'em.

12pm ESPN: Wisconsin at Rutgers
12pm ESPN2: Northwestern at Iowa
12pm FS1: Oklahoma at Iowa St.
12pm BTN: Maryland at Penn St.
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2: TCU at West Virginia
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2: Purdue at Nebraska
3:30pm BTN: Indiana at Michigan
7pm ESPN: Auburn at Ole Miss
7:15pm ESPN2: Arkansas at Mississippi St.
7:30pm FS1: Texas at Texas Tech
8pm ABC Regional: Kansas St. at Oklahoma St.

I also realize it is a strange reward for Kansas St. & Oklahoma St. to both win, but get slotted into a time where the game will be shown on ESPN3 or GamePlan to much of the country.  I gave TCU the benefit of likely coming out of the 10/25 games ahead of Kansas St., so it gets the reverse mirror "national" treatment.

If ESPN doesn't have the top two Big 12 choices (they might not, I really don't know the order), flip flop Oklahoma-Iowa St. & Kansas St. at Oklahoma St.  As for Texas at Texas Tech at 7:30pm, don't assume it is going their because its a more desirable timeslot.  Game could get covered up rather easily with other games at the same time.

For the SEC games, assuming all four favorites win, ESPN will pick Auburn-Ole Miss.  Shouldn't have that one on ESPN2.

Big Ten is rather muddy.  Went with what should be the highest ranked assuming favorites for ABC at 3:30pm.  After that, assumed Wisconsin at Rutgers will be the highest win total for two teams.

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