Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A key to C-USA CFB weeknight games & broadcasters?

Purdue at Marshall was scheduled to move to Sunday, September 6th and the television broadcaster was not announced.  This really isn't a surprise the conference moved to FOX as a rightsholder as the television schedule announcement for the conference has typically been no earlier than early May.

But there might be a pattern to follow based on when the games are chosen.  To refresh your memory, FOX gets to choose ten games off the top, then CBS Sports Network gets to choose ten, then FOX can come back with another ten games.  Note that last year, CBSSN didn't use all ten selections.

Here's what I spotted since FOX Sports 1 was made available as an option for the conference.


1/30/13 - C-USA releases football schedule
2/28/13 - First set of date changes announced.  Iowa St. at Tulsa, Marshall at Middle Tenneessee & Marshall at Tulsa all move to weeknights.  All air on FS1.
4/3/13 - Second set of date changes announced.  FAU at East Carolina, Tulane at Louisiana Tech and FIU at FAU all move.  All air on FS1
4/29/13 - Third set of date changes announced.  Rice at North Texas, Rice at UAB & East Carolina at Marshall all move.  The first two air on FS1 and the third airs on CBSSN.

Note: During the summer, UCF at FIU was moved to a Friday night for what appears to be avoiding a conflict with the Florida at Miami game the next day.


2/3/14 - Conference releases schedule.  Three games are set aside right away for weeknights.  Two were selected to air on FS1.  The third, Bowling Green at Western Kentucky, is involved in a later date change.
2/17/14 - Middle Tennessee at Old Dominion moves to Friday night.  Selected by FS1.
3/3/14 - Arizona at UTSA moves to Thursday night.  Selected by FS1.
4/1/14 - Four games change dates, including the Bowling Green at Western Kentucky game moving to Friday from Thursday.  Of the four games, one airs on FS1, two on CBSSN and one on FSN.

To summarize, it appears that the date changes that happen earlier in the offseason are being initiated by FOX because they are part of their top selections.  The later date changes, or last set of date changes, look like they have the possibility of airing on CBSSN.

This bears watching during the offseason, as the pattern could end up changing.

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