Friday, April 24, 2015

Big Ten primetime games on ABC/ESPN, Paradise Jam & CBSSN's unique CFB tripleheader

* First, here's the list of all Big Ten controlled games selected for TV so far.

* 9/12 happens to be the one week that both BTN (FIU at Indiana & South Alabama at Nebraska) and an ABC/ESPN platform (Oregon at Michigan St.) will carry night games.  Looking back at 2013 & 2014, it looks like they can coexist in one primetime window per season.

* TCU at Minnesota being selected by ESPN may be a sign regarding the rest of the plans for the opening Thursday night.  An assumption is being made for ESPN2.
  • ESPN: TCU at Minnesota
  • ESPN2: US Open tennis
  • ESPNU: Oklahoma St. at Central Michigan, maybe UTSA at Arizona too?
  • SEC Network: North Carolina vs. South Carolina.  Maybe a second game?
  • FS1: Michigan at Utah
* The selection of two Big Ten night games on 11/7 might be a sign that CBS and the SEC have made a choice regarding the Saturday where they will show a primetime doubleheader.  By choosing the two games, ESPN can then set aside the noon Eastern time window for at least one SEC game and show the rest of the SEC Network if they want to.

11/7 happens to be the date of LSU at Alabama game, which over the past few years has been part of the afternoon & primetime doubleheader.  There are five other SEC games that day.

* A reminder that the Big Ten primetime games don't necessarily have to be full national.  Just the 3:30pm Eastern time games.  Last year the Illinois at Ohio St. & Oklahoma St. at Kansas St. games were split national on ABC and the only other way to watch the other game was ESPN3, not ESPN or ESPN2.

* CBS Sports Network is going with a unique tripleheader on Thursday 9/3 with a pair of American Athletic Conference games at 6pm and 9:30pm, followed by Colorado at Hawai'i at 1am Eastern time Friday.  No doubt appealing to the football junkies and testing those of us who will stay up until nearly any hour to watch a game.  Then again, the Hawai'i game will be played the Friday before Labor Day weekend, so if you are going with the long weekend, this might be right up your alley.

When the Hawai'i game was set for a overnight Eastern time start, I was a bit curious to see if someone like CBSSN or ESPNU would try a 24 hour marathon of games at some point.  The filler on Friday morning & afternoon could be games from Division II, III and the Football Championship Subdivision.

* The bracket for the Paradise Jam was announced this week and when both the list of teams and the bracket were announced, both releases were missing a TV partner, something that had been announced in previous years whether the partner was CBS Sports Network or FOX College Sports, but they could be working on which games they want to show on TV. 

CBSSN is scheduled to carry the Cincinnati at USF football but has not yet set kickoff times for the game.  Last year CBSSN carried the 4pm & 6:30pm ET games followed by a football game, which could indicate a 8:30pm kickoff for the football game at the earliest.


Unknown said...

A game could be held in Europe for the Friday Morning

Keith said...

All day college football Friday into Saturday would definitely be interesting to try (Friday-Saturday would be better than Thursday-Friday):

Games @ 6 PM and 9:30 PM EDT.

A game @ 1 AM, that kicks off on the West Coast (some place like Fresno State or San Diego State).

4:30 AM game from Hawaii.

8 AM game that is held in Europe (like last year's Penn State/UCF tilt).

Leads right into the Noon game and a "normal" Saturday.