Monday, June 15, 2015

Remaining CFB Early Season Start Times & Potential TV Windows

Short answer: Not much.

The SEC (lumping Arizona St. vs. Texas A&M in with them) plus a handful of games from the American, Mountain West and Boise St. at BYU, are waiting to be set.  Here is what is available along with the Google Sheets doc that I use to track open TV windows.  It gets filled out as the year goes on.

C-USA and the Mountain West also have regional TV and web exclusive packages to be announced.  C-USA's ASN package may have been announced by the time you've read this post. Only in the case of the Mountain West would there be any effect on national TV packages.

ESPN: Looks like two telecast windows.  Would be after 3:30pm ET.
ESPN2: Appears to be all day coverage of the US Open.
ESPNU: Looks like two telecast windows.  Would be after 3:30pm ET.
SEC Network: Three potential telecast windows, using 12:30pm, 4pm & 7:30pm from last season.
ABC: Maybe a 12pm ET game.
CBSSN: Maybe an 11pm ET game.
FSN: 3:30pm

There are 11 games to be slotted.  Ten from the SEC, again including Arizona St. at Texas A&M, plus Penn St. at Temple.  SEC Network could air two games at a time, six games in total.

CBSSN could choose to air a Mountain West game on 9/5 (San Diego at San Diego St. at 11pm ET ?) as one of their two selections after regional & Mountain West Network packages are filled.

As for the US Open, it is my understanding that ABC will not have any live telecast windows, at least on Saturdays, so I don't think they would show tennis at 12pm ET-3:30pm ET, then shift to ESPN2. If the ABC telecast window is needed, that might be the place for Penn St. at Temple since ABC is not allowed to air any SEC controlled home games.  

Since the Louisville vs Auburn game was sublicensed to CBS to ESPN, it may be feasible for ESPN to air a concurrent SEC game on ESPN and/or ESPNU.  Will check on that.

I don't know if there are any other SEC games moving off of 9/5.  I would think they would be announced as moving by now, even if the TV network is to be determined.

FSN has a TBA window at 3:30pm with a Sam Houston St. at Texas Tech game waiting for a start time, but airing on FSN.  Simple match, right?  I assume that Texas Tech would prefer to air their game in the evening and FOX is trying to work out a way for that to occur.  FSN is scheduled to air Georgia Southern at West Virginia at 7:30pm and FOX Sports Southwest, the institutional rightsholder for Texas Tech, has a Rangers game scheduled on 9/5 at 9pm ET.  FOX may be working towards how they can best distribute all three events, or at least how to clear both the Rangers & Red Raiders games in Texas.

ESPN: One to two games.  Maybe starting at 7pm ET.
ESPN2: Same as ESPN, dependent on network airing Washington St. at Rutgers 
ESPNU: Potentially three or four openings, dependent on network airing Washington St. at Rutgers.
ESPNEWS: Potentially 8pm ET
SEC Network: Three potential telecast windows, using 12:30pm, 4pm & 7:30pm from last season.
CBSSN: One at 12pm ET.
FS1: One at 3:30pm ET.
FSN: One at 3pm ET.

ESPN appears to be set up to air the US Open women's final on 9/12 after 3pm ET.  I do not know the start time of the match but a 4pm ET start would make sense.  It would allow ESPN about an hour of fill time, possibly half of it on CFB highlights, half on a pre-match show.

CBSSN is expected to air an American game at 12pm ET.  The other two games would stay with ESPN.  Potential exists for the other two games to air on ESPN3 or to air on ESPNEWS at 8pm.

SEC Network could carry up to six of the nine SEC games available.

Boise St. at BYU and San Jose St. at Air Force are available.  Boise St. at BYU is scheduled for either ESPN or ESPN2 while San Jose St. at Air Force could air on any ESPN platform.

The two FOX cable openings seem to be for the UTEP at Texas Tech & Stephen F. Austin at TCU games.  It is possible that FOX's decision is tied to how they handle Texas Tech's game on 9/5.  The other issue here is that FSN is already tied up with two games at 7:30pm ET (Lamar at Baylor & Central Arkansas at Oklahoma St.) along with FOX Sports Southwest televising a Rangers game starting 30 minutes later.  Both of these games look like they could air during midday unless alternate distribution methods are lined up for one of these events.

ESPN: One to two windows.  Depends on how early they decide to start their evening window.  If it starts at 6pm, they can do a 9pm or 9:15pm game.  If it starts at 7pm or later, one game.
ESPN2: One window after 7pm ET.
ESPNU: 12pm & 7pm ET.

SEC Network: Three potential telecast windows, using 12:30pm, 4pm & 7:30pm from last season.

This week is strictly dealing with the SEC with nine games available from the conference.  

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