Thursday, September 10, 2015

Notes on Pac-12 MBK TV schedule release

Pac-12 MBK TV Schedule Release

ESPN Networks
  • Breakdown by network:
    • ESPN: 2 
    • ESPN2: 17
    • ESPN or ESPN2: 7
    • ESPNU: 18
  • ESPN has two unique telecast windows set aside for the conference.  They will have UCLA at Arizona on February 12th, the Friday before the NBA All-Star Game.  ESPN2 will carry Utah at Oregon on February 7th, aka Super Bowl Sunday
  • ESPN and ESPN2's primary telecast days will be Thursdays (8 games) and Saturdays (7 games).  ESPN2 will also have six Wednesday games.
  • ESPNU's primary telecast days will be Wednesdays and Sundays (8 games each day).  The Sunday games will typically be paired as doubleheaders with the ACC.
  • Texas A&M at Arizona St. will air following the Mountain West football championship game, which is currently slotted in a three hour telecast window (refraining from rant on three hour telecast windows for football games).
  • Seven of ESPN's 46 games (44 plus two for CBS) are non-conference games, which will all air on ESPN2 except for Kentucky at UCLA on ESPN.  All of the ESPNU games are intraconference games.
  • Fourteen of ESPN's games will have a start time of 11pm ET or later.  Four others have a start time of 10pm or 10:30pm ET.
FOX Sports
  • Excluding the three conference tournament games, 20 games will air on FS1 and two will air on FOX broadcast network.
    • For now, only one of the two broadcast network games has been paired with a Big East game as a doubleheader.  On 2/27, Villanova at Marquette (2pm ET) will precede UCLA at Stanford (4:30pm ET)
  • The conference tournament final will air after the Big East championship at 10pm ET on FS1.  This mirrors what ESPN has done with the championship game, airing it after the Big 12 and ACC finals the last two times they have carried it.
  • FS1 will carry two non-conference games this season.  In two previous years, they took just one non-conference game each season.
  • Nearly half of the regular season games on FS1 (nine) will air on Thursday nights.  Five others will air on Sundays.
  • Nine of the FS1 games will have a start time of 11pm ET.  Two others will start at 10pm ET.
Pac-12 Networks
  • 147 games will be aired over 132 unique start times.  11 start times, all in non-conference play, will have instances where multiple games will start at the same time.
  • Included in the 132 unique start times are nine games on the opening night which will have a new game start every 30 minutes, starting at 7:30pm ET / 4:30pm PT, which is a pretty novel idea.  Don't be surprised to see the main Pac-12 Network feed carry whiparound coverage of every game & you'll need to use the regional feeds to see these games in full.  Last season on the opening night, the network had whiparound coverage of five games that started at 7pm PT / 10pm ET on the national feed with the regional feeds carrying the games in full.

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