Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Site Update

I added a page that shows only today's games and it is active for basketball right now.  Shown below are the full and mobile layouts.

Here's the current week for men's basketball and a direct link to this season's daily page so you can see it.

The link will only appear on weeks where today's date is part of week's schedule.  The daily page doesn't really any different than the weekly page, except you won't have to scroll as much.  Choosing a time zone and hiding web exclusives are also on the daily page.  The new page also has a companion text-only page where you can select & print games and you can get back to the weekly schedule from the daily schedule.

The daily page will turn over to the current date at 5am Eastern Time each day.

Also, for those asking, I should have the section for the 2016 Division I college football season loaded in the next week or two.  I mentioned to someone that I would wait for the ACC schedule and it was announced yesterday.  I've loaded my data into the place it needs to be to start the process and I'll post a link when its ready.

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