Monday, August 1, 2016

CFB Notes: Possible hint on Red River Rivalry start time, more FBS on ASN

* The date and location of UFC 204 has been announced as October 8th in Manchester, England.  Both are important as they may provide a clue as to when Oklahoma vs. Texas (aka the Red River Rivalry/Shootout) may air on FS1.

October 8th falls within FS1's window of televising the National League Division Series, but they must provide two games to MLB Network.  In 2014, a Saturday game was sent over  (Dodgers-Cardinals Game 2) and in 2015, room was made for FS1 to televise the CONCACAF Cup match between the USA and Mexico.  At the moment, the soccer conflict doesn't seem to be in play, but MLB should be, but I do think that MLB Network will end up with a NLDS game that day.  To be clear, the entire MLB playoff schedule is in process of being finalized and usually isn't known until early September.

Since the UFC event is in England, five hours ahead of the US Eastern Time Zone, I think it is realistic to have the following schedule, assuming the prelim fights remain on FS1 (BST = British Summer Time, even though its no longer summer):

UFC Pre-Fight (12pm ET, 5pm BST)
UFC Prelims (1pm ET, 6pm BST)
Oklahoma vs. Texas (3pm ET, 8pm BST)
Pac-12 Game (10pm ET)

The Pac-12 game could always move up a few hours too, depending on what filler programming is utilized, such as UFC post-event programming that has been shown on FS1 or FS2 after pay-per-view events.

Note that the UFC 201 prelims aired on FS2, so the last few paragraphs may be worthless speculation.

* Besides ESPN appearing to strike another partnership with Sinclair's American Sports Network for Sun Belt football, ASN showed up at the American Athletic Conference media days.  Shortly after the first few tweets from them, Tulsa's account noted the following:
The conference's primary communications person for football noted that some details were still being finalized, but didn't deny the existence of the deal.

If any games from the first three weeks of the season were to be sent to ASN without changing any existing start times, I could see the Lamar at Houston on 9/10 at 12pm ET showing up here.  So far, no games have been scheduled for ASN in this telecast window.

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