Sunday, September 25, 2016

CFB TV Guesses for 2016 Week Six (10/8/16)

Here are the games already set for television and/or webcast.  Here are the known available telecast windows.

* FOX Sports is scheduled to air one Big 12 game & two Pac-12 game.  With the Red River Rivalry (Oklahoma vs. Texas) scheduled to air on FS1 and the other FS1 window at 10pm ET, the FOX broadcast network game will be a Pac-12 game unless FOX pulls some wacky shenanigans.  The Pac-12 Networks windows are set up appropriately to allow a primetime game on FOX.
* The time of the Red River Rivalry is dependent on FOX Sports's NLDS telecast schedule and which games they'll give to MLB Network.  I discussed that in an earlier post and the main event  is set to start at 3am local time Sunday (10pm ET, and yes, you read that correctly.  3am), which sends my plan of a 3pm ET start possibly out the window & may mean FS1 is carrying a MLB game as well.  Listings for 10/8 that came out yesterday have the football game at 12pm ET, so lets go with that.
* Because FOX has only one Big 12 game & it is Oklahoma vs. Texas, everything else will be on an ESPN platform.
* If CBS wants the freedom of being able to select the Iron Bowl at the end of the year, they may pass on the Arkansas game.  Both Alabama (Kentucky) & Arkansas (Alcorn St.) should get past their opponents this week.  Where it could get dicey is this would Tennessee's third CBS game with a max of five, but Tennessee's remaining schedule isn't as attractive outside of the Alabama game which I would expect CBS to take a hard look at for 10/15 (which would conceivably be four in a row for Tennessee), where Alabama has games vs. Texas A&M, Tennessee, LSU plus the Iron Bowl and was already on CBS vs. Ole Miss.
* I could also see a reverse mirror scenario for ABC & ESPN2 with the Big Ten and ACC at 3:30pm, with either Virginia Tech at North Carolina or Notre Dame at NC State being mirrored with either Indiana at Ohio St. or Iowa at Minnesota
* The MAC has twelve day selections for 3:30pm on ASN, a TBD slot on BCSN/Spectrum and 6:30pm on CBSSN.
* The ACC's RSN package has a doubleheader at 3:30pm & 7pm.
* Michigan at Rutgers is confirmed for a night game on ABC at 8pm or ESPN at 7pm.  Maryland at Penn St. is set for 12pm as a homecoming game.
* As of this post being made available, Pac-12 selections for 10/1 have not yet been made and I think that could have some bearing on the selection for 10/8 by FOX.  A reasonable case could be made UCLA at Arizona St.  For the moment, I'm going with Washington at Oregon.  Oregon's loss yesterday complicates a lot of things and Washington has a tough home game vs. Stanford on Friday, while Arizona St. is currently 4-0 with USC upcoming.  Its also possible that FOX uses another six day selection here, though that would burn both of theirs for the season as its my understanding that both FOX and ESPN get two six day holds to use and I'm under the assumption FOX used theirs on 10/1 and not ESPN.
* Stephen F. Austin at Nicholls was listed by a couple RSNs at 3:30pm ET.  The Southland Conference has an ASN twelve day selection for that time, so that's my "guess".

12pm ABC: Florida St. at Miami (FL)
12pm ESPN: Iowa at Minnesota
12pm ESPN2: Texas Tech at Kansas St.
12pm FS1: Oklahoma vs. Texas
12pm ESPNU: Maryland at Penn St.
12pm ESPNEWS: East Carolina at USF
12pm SEC: Auburn at Mississippi St.
12pm BTN: BYU at Michigan St.
12:30pm ACC Network: Georgia Tech at Pittsburgh
3:30pm CBS: Tennessee at Texas A&M
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2: Virginia Tech at North Carolina
3:30pm ABC/ESPN2: Indiana at Ohio St.
3:30pm ESPN: Notre Dame at NC State
3:30pm ESPNU: Iowa St. at Oklahoma St.
3:30pm BTN: Purdue at Illinois
3:30pm ACC RSN: Army at Duke
3:30pm ASN: Toledo at Western Michigan
3:30pm ASN: Stephen F. Austin at Nicholls
4pm SEC: Vanderbilt at Kentucky
4pm Pac-12: Washington St. at Stanford
6:30pm CBSSN: Ball St. at Central Michigan
7pm ESPN: Alabama at Arkansas
7pm ESPN2: Florida at LSU
7pm ESPNU: TCU at Kansas
7pm ACC RSN: Syracuse at Wake Forest
7:30pm FOX: Washington at Oregon
7;30pm SEC: Georgia at South Carolina
8pm ABC: Michigan at Rutgers
9pm Pac-12: California at Oregon St.
10pm FS1: Arizona at Utah
10:30pm ESPN: Arizona St. at UCLA
10:30pm ESPN2: Colorado at USC
10:30pm ESPNU: UNLV at San Diego St.
TBA BCSN/Spectrum: Toledo at Eastern Michigan

ESPN3 Exclusives
Fresno St. at Nevada
Miami (OH) at Akron
Bowling Green at Ohio
Kent St. at Buffalo
Texas St. at Georgia St.
Idaho at UL-Monroe


Chris said...

Arizona/utah is missing

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Thanks Chris. I adjusted the 10pm & 10:30pm selections. Added Arizona at Utah at 10pm on FS1, slid Colorado at USC to ESPN2, moved UNLV at San Diego St. to ESPNU (could go either way on the ESPN2 & ESPNU games with SDSU ranked) and Fresno St. at Nevada to ESPN3.