Sunday, September 9, 2018

CFB TV Guesses for 2018 Week Four (9/22/18)

Good morning.  I've done guesses on the kickoff times for college football games a day before the 12 day selection process starts for several years.  I try to apply what I know with respect to any rules that conference & TV partners have agreed to, along with a lot of best guesses in terms of the priority of where a game sits within the other matchups of the home conference and the overall schedule of games that week.

I'll also have a separate blog entry tracking the selections each Monday.

Here are the games already set for television and/or webcast.  Here are the known available telecast windows.

* Boston College at Purdue will be a 12pm game as it is Purdue's homecoming game.  ESPN Networks have claimed it to air on ABC, ESPN or ESPN2.  As a non-conference game, it could air on ESPNU as well, but it was not listed as an option when the Big Ten and ESPN released their early season selections.
* The 12pm CBSSN window is to be a MAC selection.
* This set of picks was made with the assumptions that ESPN has the top Big 12 pick & FOX Sports has the top Big Ten pick and the top Pac-12 Saturday selection, assuming ESPN took Washington St. at USC with the top choice for the week on Friday.
* FOX Sports has apparently chosen both Wisconsin at Iowa and Nebraska at Michigan.  Wisconsin at Iowa was shown with a FOX broadcast network designation during the network's college football preview show and Nebraska at Michigan was noted as airing on FS1 in a press conference regarding a now resolved carriage issue with BTN, Comcast and FOX Sports for Big Ten games
* I'm also aware that Mark Silverman (FOX Sports National Networks President) in the link above said that BTN & FS1 would have every single conference game, but based on the transcript text he had to walk it back a bit.  That's why I gave Minnesota at Maryland to ESPN.  If they don't have it & BTN does at 3:30pm, move NIU-FSU up to ESPN, KU-BU to ESPN2 and UB-Rutgers to ESPNU.  If I were ESPN, and this is somewhat backwards thinking, I would take UB-Rutgers over Tulane-OSU to play the long game as it would satisfy the Buckeyes requirements to BTN (two games on BTN with one being a intraconference matchup, 9/8 vs. Rutgers being that game) and open up the rest of their games, all Big Ten matchups, for yourself.  By extension, FOX Sports too, but you have to think about what's best for your network too. 
* The first two SEC games on CBS were sublicensed from ESPN (West Virginia vs. Tennessee & Georgia at South Carolina) so the possibility of Georgia's first appearance on CBS vs. Missouri was considered, but Texas A&M's strong showing vs. Clemson plus this being Alabama's first game on the network in 2018 pushed me in that direction.  Georgia already has one appearance locked in with the Florida game & I would expect the LSU, Tennessee and Auburn games to receive strong consideration by CBS.
* I gave consideration to Arizona St. at Washington for FOX over Stanford at Oregon, but I believe the latter is more assured to be a pair of 3-0 schools, but this might be a place where FOX could consider using a six day hold.  In the Pac-12, there are four holds available to be used, two by FOX Sports and two by ESPN.
* I ran out of windows for the ACC games.  Maybe Connecticut at Syracuse would replace Ohio at Cincinnati on ESPNEWS.

12pm ABC: Notre Dame at Wake Forest
12pm ESPN: Georgia at Missouri
12pm ESPN2: Boston College at Purdue
12pm FS1: Kansas St. at West Virginia
12pm ESPNU: FIU at Miami (FL)
12pm ESPNEWS: East Carolina at USF
12pm FSN: Akron at Iowa St.
12pm SEC: South Carolina at Vanderbilt
12pm BTN: Tulane at Ohio St.
12pm CBSSN: Nevada at Toledo
12:20pm ACC Network: Pittsburgh at North Carolina
12:30pm ACC RSNs: Louisville at Virginia
3:30pm ABC: TCU at Texas
3:30pm CBS: Texas A&M at Alabama
3:30pm ESPN: Minnesota at Maryland
3:30pm ESPN2: Northern Illinois at Florida St.
3:30pm FS1: Texas Tech at Oklahoma St.
3:30pm ESPNU: Kansas at Baylor
3:30pm SEC: Kent St. at Ole Miss
3:30pm BTN: Buffalo at Rutgers
4pm ESPNEWS: Ohio at Cincinnati
4:30pm FOX: Wisconsin at Iowa
5pm Pac-12: Arizona at Oregon St.
7pm ESPN: Arkansas at Auburn
7pm ESPN2: Florida at Tennessee
7pm FS1: Nebraska at Michigan
7pm ESPNU: Mississippi St. at Kentucky
7:30pm SEC: Louisiana Tech at LSU
7:30pm BTN: Michigan St. at Indiana
8pm ABC: Clemson at Georgia Tech
8pm ESPNEWS: Navy at SMU
8:30pm FOX: Stanford at Oregon
10:15pm ESPN2: Air Force at Utah St.
10:30pm ESPN: Arizona St. at Washington

NC Central at Duke
Connecticut at Syracuse
Western Kentucky at Ball St.
Miami (OH) at Bowling Green
Maine at Central Michigan
UNLV at Arkansas St.
Western Michigan at Georgia St.
Coastal Carolina at UL-Lafayette
Troy at UL-Monroe
Gardner-Webb at Appalachian St.

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