Friday, April 19, 2019

Mid-April CFB TV 2019 Notes

* The Big 12 signed a deal with ESPN for three football conference championship games and eight schools pledged their member-retained content for ESPN+.  A couple things not covered in my original post on the topic:
  • The Big 12 didn't get the value in the market that they were expecting for the three football conference championship games.  The number quoted by Sports Business Journal was $40 million for the three games, or slightly north of $13 million per game.  FOX Sports ended their deal for paying around $20 million per game and the conference seemed to believe they would be able to get that number on the open market.  The conference previously said they had multiple suitors for the games, which would, in theory, create a bidding war for the content.
  • I'm curious who now makes the call as to which game is designated as a school's member retained football game.  FOX Sports had that option previously & if a school elected not to utilize their own platforms, the game had to be offered back to FOX Sports.  I suppose I could see FOX Sports continuing to dictate these choices as to not adversely affect the games available to their own Big 12 content package, but I would think that ESPN now has a greater say, or all of the say, in the matter.  Maybe it will end up being a joint decision by both networks with the conference or individual school having the final say.  Could it end up being a intraconference game?  The conference said this was a possibility several years ago, but I believe there had to be extenuating circumstances for this option.
  • For that member retained content, I have no idea how ESPN is paying that to the schools.  Each of these deals were previously negotiated with FOX or another media partner, so I don't know if those eight have agreed to pledge this content in return for a guaranteed minimum payout or some other formula is going to be applied to compensate the schools.
* NBC has set start times for their Notre Dame home games.

* Conference USA came out with a handful of start times for games, along with a few date changes.  This could end up being nearly the entire schedule of linear TV games on CBS Sports Network (all times Eastern).  Nine games are listed here and a tenth would need to be finalized
  • Friday 9/6 - Wake Forest at Rice, 8pm
  • Saturday 9/7 - UCF at FAU, 7pm
  • Saturday 9/14 - Texas vs. Rice, 8pm
    • The Mountain West only has games vs. FCS opponents that day.  East Carolina at Navy should be at 3:30pm ET.  Maybe another American Athletic Conference game at 12pm ET.
  • Friday 9/20 - FIU at Louisiana Tech, 8pm
  • Friday 10/18 - Marshall at FAU, 6:30pm
    • Look for a potential doubleheader with the Mountain West.  Nevada at Utah St. could be scheduled for 10pm ET based on Marshall at FAU's start time
  • Friday 11/15 - Louisiana Tech at Marshall, 7pm
    • The Jamaica Classic is moving to a week later in the college basketball schedule, so it would not clash with this game's date
  • Saturday 11/23 - Miami vs. FIU, 7pm
  • Saturday 11/30 - FIU at Marshall, 12pm
  • Saturday 12/7 - Conference USA Championship, 1:30pm
Two of the three CBS produced Facebook games could be Cincinnati at Marshall (9/28, 5pm) & Marshall at Middle Tennessee (10/5, 3:30pm) based on the start times & other potential CBS Sports Network conflicts.

* One last item on Conference USA.  They came out with their season preview, basically a spring prospectus (not a media guide), and beIN Sports was absent from the list of TV partners.  At the moment, I take their absence as being a strong signal that they will not be returning as a C-USA television partner.


Andrew Landry said...

All members of the B12 except Texas have scheduled an FCS opponent this year. I expect those games will be designated as member controlled. This season, 7 of the 8 schools that have assigned these rights to ESPN+, play that game on 8/31. It will be interesting to see if they make any effort to shuffle those around to more dates in the future. Also, for this season, it will be interesting to see if any are moved to Thursday or Friday nights.

Unknown said...

Oklahoma is playing Houston on Sept 1.