Sunday, May 26, 2019

Final TV Guesses For 2019 College Football Early Season & Special Dates

One final run at the early season & special date TV schedule with most of these to be announced on May 30th.

In the interest of trying to keep this blog post short, I'm creating links to Google Docs for each week plus the weeknight schedule.

If a game isn't listed, I assuming it will be online only via ESPN3/ESPN+, Stadium online or other means.

Weeks Zero & One
Week Two
Week Three
Special Dates (Week Four & Beyond Weeknights)


Matt said...

In Week One, does FOX not have a window for the noon ET slot?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Fair question. I don't know, but your question is worth asking since FOX will have the new pregame show. If anything, Middle Tennessee at Michigan could move to 12pm & the Nebraska game to 4pm. Maybe no night game or Northwestern at Stanford in the evening on FS1 moves to FOX either in the afternoon or evening.

Darrell McKown said...

Are the rights to the Big 12 member retained games owned by FOX or Fox Sports Southwest? I assume the overflow games from the national package that FOX put on FSN will now have to go on FOX/FS1/FS2, but will the member retained games stay with the RSN (like the MLB/NBA/NHL rights) or move to FOX as well?

K B said...

According to the linked article. The rights are owned by Fox Southwest (at least to Texas Tech). Those contractual rights are now owned by Sinclair until 2020. No telling what Sinclair will do. They could sell those rights to Fox (network, FS1 or FS2) or choose to keep them in their programming portfolio. There is a lot of speculation what Sinclair will do with all the RSN's they bought. One thought is they could even sell or sub-license those rights to ESPN if they decide those games (from the four schools) do not fit their future plans, after all they only control those games for 1 year.

Unknown said...

How many 8PM slots does CBS get? Would they use one on ND at Georgia in week 4?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Contracted to have one. When they aired two several years back, they negotiated a deal with ESPN to get a second game with a lot of stipulations & ESPN being granted a couple extra times where they could pick ahead of CBS.