Monday, May 2, 2022

CFB TV Guesses: 2022 Weeks 0 and 1 (Final Revision)

One last set of guesses at the early season stuff as we head in to May.  Games in bold are confirmed for time and TV.  Games in italics are confirmed for the TV outlet but not the time. Games in purple are confirmed for a particular network family (ie.  an ESPN game = could be ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNU, etc.).

Under the list of games there's some notes about any changes I made. Also, if your game isn't listed, assume it is being delivered digitally via ESPN+, MW Network or some other needs.

Weeks 0 and 1:

12pm FOX: Nebraska vs. Northwestern
4:30pm CBSSN: UConn at Utah State
4:30pm ACCN: Florida A&M at North Carolina
7pm ESPN: Alabama State vs. Howard (MEAC/SWAC Challenge)
7pm BTN: Wyoming at Illinois
8pm CBSSN: North Texas at UTEP
8pm ACCN: Duquesne at Florida State
9pm AggieVision: Nevada at NM State
11:30pm CBSSN: Vanderbilt at Hawai'i

I added a 3rd window to CBSSN's schedule with C-USA's schedule being finalized. Also, 12pm ET for Nebraska vs. Northwestern means a 5pm local start in Dublin.

7pm FOX: Penn State at Purdue
7pm SECN: Ball State at Tennessee
7pm ACCN: VMI at Wake Forest
7:30pm ESPN: West Virginia at Pitt
8pm ESPNU: Louisiana Tech at Missouri
8pm BTN: NM State at Minnesota
8pm FS1: Central Michigan at Oklahoma State
10pm Stadium: Cal Poly at Fresno State
10:30pm Pac-12: Northern Arizona at Arizona State

Adjustments made are solely around the confirmation of multiple SEC games, plus the addition of a Stadium game for the Mountain West.

7pm ESPN: Virginia Tech at Old Dominion
7pm FS1: Illinois at Indiana
7pm ACCN: Temple at Duke
8pm BTN: Western Michigan at Michigan State
10pm ESPN: TCU at Colorado 

Pac-12 games, at least the ones where spectators are in attendance (ie. not the abbreviated 2020 season), cannot be slotted to start later than 8pm local time, hence the three hour window for Virginia Tech at Old Dominion

12pm ABC: BYU at USF
12pm FOX: Colorado State at Michigan
12pm ESPN: NC State at ECU
12pm FS1: Buffalo at Maryland
12pm ESPNU: Georgia State at South Carolina
12pm SECN: Miami (OH) at Kentucky
12pm ACCN: Rutgers at Boston College
12pm BTN: South Dakota State at Iowa
12:30pm ACC RSN: Richmond at Virginia
12pm CBSSN: Central Connecticut at UConn
2pm Pac-12: UC Davis at California
3:30pm ABC: Georgia vs. Oregon
3:30pm FOX: UTEP at Oklahoma
3:30pm ESPN: Utah at Florida
3:30pm FS1: Boise State at Oregon State
3:30pm CBSSN: Delaware at Navy
3:30pm BTN: Illinois State at Wisconsin
3:30pm Stadium: Texas State at Nevada
4pm ESPNU: North Carolina at Appalachian State
4pm SECN: Memphis at Mississippi State
4pm ACCN: Louisville at Syracuse
5pm Pac-12: Idaho State at Washington State
7pm ESPN: Utah State at Alabama
7pm FS1: ULM at Texas
7pm CBSSN: Houston at UTSA
7pm Stadium: SMU at North Texas
7:30pm ABC: Notre Dame at Ohio State
7:30pm ESPNU: Troy at Ole Miss
7:30pm SECN: Cincinnati at Arkansas
7:30pm BTN: North Dakota at Nebraska
7:30pm ACCN: Bethune-Cookman at Miami (FL)
8pm FS2: Tulsa at Wyoming
8pm Pac-12: Bowling Green at UCLA
8pm Pac-12 Bay Area: Colgate at Stanford
10:30pm ESPN: Rice at USC
10:30pm CBSSN: Arizona at San Diego State
11pm Pac-12: Kent State at Washington
11:59pm PPV: WKU at Hawai'i

Made some minor adjustments of the SEC Network games due to the games that were moved to Thursday night.    

7:30pm ABC: Florida State vs. LSU

8pm ESPN: Clemson vs. Georgia Tech


Anonymous said...

You may have mentioned it before somewhere, but isn't ABC not available for LSU/FSU?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Not that I recall.

Anonymous said...

I do see that on your main site schedule, ABC isn't listed as an option for the game. I figured it had to do with LSU being the "home" team

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Thanks for mentioning that. I believe LSU is the home team but since it's one of these neutral site games, ABC should be in play