Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Note on Syracuse's game times vs. NU and Maine

Earlier you may have noticed that I posted the kickoff times for the Syracuse home games against Northwestern and Maine and that both would be televised on Time Warner Cable. Per a request from the school, I have removed those listings and those games once again appear in the Non-Televised List portion of the week three & four schedules.

I am complying with the request because the school has not officially announced the kickoff time & broadcaster for those games. I've let them know that my source for the listing of these games was the Time Warner Sports websites serving the Rochester and Central NY areas so that they realize that the information that I posted was on a publicly available website and not inside information. The Rochester site appears to have been asked to change the listings to TBD and has done so.

If/when these games are available for television, they will be reflected on the site.


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Anonymous said...

I'm suprised they did that. I wonder if Time Warner had jumped the gun at listing the games on their sports network sites.