Thursday, August 20, 2009

Versus & DirecTV in a carriage spat

Alerted to this on Mike Shaw's twitter feed, Versus & DirecTV are involved in a carriage spat. No idea what Versus & DirecTV want in terms of subscriber fees, contract term, carriage tier, etc., but it will affect the fans of the Big 12, Ivy League, MWC and PAC-10 who have games on the network. This is in addition to the coverage of the NHL and Indy Racing League.

The contract expires on 8/31 and the channel could stick around as long as contract talks are continuing in good faith.

As a DirecTV subscriber, I hope we don't see an outage and I'd prefer to see Versus step up in tier to DirecTV's Choice tier. It currently resides on the Choice Plus tier.

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Gregory said...

Interesting news. Why is it that Comcast always seems to be getting in these spats, regardless of whether they are the network or the provider? I hope they come to an agreement in time for football season.