Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Ten Bowl Lineup

The Big Ten will announce its bowl lineup for the 2010-2013 postseasons today with a special on the Big Ten Network. According to ESPN's Adam Ritterberg, the lineuip will look like this.

1. Rose vs. PAC-10/BCS
2. Capital One vs. SEC
3. Outback vs. SEC
4 or 5. Gator vs. SEC
4 or 5. Insight vs. Big 12
6. Texas vs. Big 12
7. New Bowl - Played at Cotton Bowl Stadium vs. Big 12 or C-USA
8. Little Caesar's vs. MAC

The new bowl game should be announced any day now and like the Yankee Bowl matchup between the Big 12 and Big East is also pending certification.

The Gator and Texas bowls are new tie-ins, replacing the Champs Sports and Alamo bowls.

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