Sunday, October 18, 2009

Week 9 TV Guesses

Big Ten is already confirmed for time and TV, SEC had its top game chosen before the season started and two ACC games had at least time confirmed and the times seem to point to ESPN360.

I'm guessing USC at Oregon moves to ESPN which would get both that game and the Texas-Oklahoma St. game wider coverage. According to the Sun Sports TV schedule, FSN added one regional SEC telecast at 7pm which opens up that possibility.

Florida vs. Georgia (confirmed), 3:30pm

Michigan at Illinois (rm, confirmed), Miami (FL) at Wake Forest (rm), Kansas at Texas Tech, UCLA at Oregon St., 3:30pm
Texas at Oklahoma St., 8pm

Indiana at Iowa, 12pm (time confirmed)
Penn St. at Northwestern, 4:30pm (confirmed)
USC at Oregon, 8pm

Purdue at Wisconsin, 12pm (time confirmed)
ABC Reverse Mirror, 3:30pm
Ole Miss at Auburn, 8pm

NC State at Florida St., 12pm
Rutgers at UConn, 3:30pm
South Carolina at Tennessee, 7pm

Nebraska at Baylor, 12:30pm
Missouri at Colorado, 7pm

Iowa St. at Texas A&M, 12:30pm

Big Ten
New Mexico St. at Ohio St., 12pm (confirmed)
Michigan St. at Minnesota, 8pm (confirmed)

Mississippi St. at Kentucky, 12pm SEC Network
Duke at Virginia, 12pm Raycom
Cincinnati at Syracuse, 12pm Big East
Central Michigan at Boston College, 1pm ESPN360 (time confirmed)
Coastal Carolina at Clemson, 1:30pm ESPN360 (confirmed)
Eastern Michigan at Arkansas, 7pm ESPN Classic
Georgia Tech at Vanderbilt, SEC/FSN Regional
Tulane at LSU, 7:30pm SEC/CSS <--- Note that Cox/CST carries the SEC games from CSS
California at Arizona St., 10pm FSAZ/CSN Bay Area


Anonymous said...

decided to put texas-ok state on espn

phillydevil said...

Cal @ ASU will be an afternoon kickoff due to homecoming activities. With Cal and ASU winning yesterday (and UCLA losing big), it's possible that the Cal/ASU game will be the ABC regional selection. If not, it will porbably kickoff around 4pm local time and will not be televised.