Monday, June 7, 2010

No games on Versus for Big 12, FSN to benefit

Confirmed by the Big 12 office today (they were kinda busy last week), the Big 12 will no longer have games on Versus. The games that were previously sublicensed from FSN to Versus will appear on FSN. May have been a side effect of the PAC-10 moving their 7pm windows to the Versus sublicensed games and FSN taking games at 3:30pm and 10:30pm. The Big 12 office indicated that it was FSN's choice to bring these games back to FSN.

Here's the current FSN telecast schedule. All times Eastern:

Saturday 9/4 Illinois vs. Missouri 12:30pm
Saturday 9/4 Washington St. at Oklahoma St. 7pm
Saturday 9/11 Georgia Tech at Kansas 12pm
Saturday 9/11 Colorado at California 3:30pm
Saturday 9/11 Wyoming at Texas 7pm
Saturday 9/11 Virginia at USC 10:30pm
Saturday 9/18 Iowa St. vs Kansas St. 12pm
Saturday 9/18 Air Force at Oklahoma 3:30pm
Saturday 9/18 Houston at UCLA 10:30pm
Saturday 9/25 Oregon at Arizona St., 10:30pm
Saturday 10/2 Big 12 12:30pm
Saturday 10/2 Georgia at Colorado, 4:30pm
Saturday 10/9 Texas Tech vs. Baylor 12pm
Saturday 10/9 PAC-10 3:30pm
Saturday 10/9 Big 12 7pm
Thursday 10/14 Kansas St. at Kansas 7:30pm
Saturday 10/16 Big 12 12pm
Saturday 10/16 California at USC 3:30pm
Saturday 10/16 Big 12 7pm
Saturday 10/23 Big 12 12:30pm
Saturday 10/23 Big 12 7pm
Saturday 10/30 Big 12 12pm
Saturday 10/30 PAC-10 3:30pm
Saturday 10/30 Big 12 7pm
Saturday 11/6 Big 12 12:30pm
Saturday 11/6 Big 12 7pm
Saturday 11/6 Arizona St. at USC 10:30pm
Saturday 11/13 Big 12 12:30pm
Saturday 11/13 Big 12 7pm
Saturday 11/20 Big 12 12pm
Saturday 11/20 Stanford at California 3:30pm
Saturday 11/20 Big 12 7pm
Friday 11/26 UCLA at Arizona St. 3:30pm
Saturday 11/27 Kansas vs. Missouri 12:30pm
Saturday 12/4 PAC-10 10:30pm

And here's the Versus schedule. Currently it is MWC and PAC-10 games. Could see some Ivy League games too. EDIT: Ivy League games added as of 6/9/10. Again, all times Eastern:

Thursday 9/2 Pitt at Utah 8:30pm
Saturday 9/4 Wisconsin at UNLV 11pm
Saturday 9/11 BYU at Air Force 4pm
Saturday 9/18 Baylor at TCU 4:30pm
Saturday 10/2 Navy at Air Force 2:30pm
Saturday 10/9 PAC-10 7pm
Saturday 10/16 BYU at TCU 4pm
Saturday 10/16 PAC-10 7:30pm
Saturday 10/30 PAC-10 7pm
Saturday 11/6 Penn at Princeton 3pm
Saturday 11/6 PAC-10 7pm
Saturday 11/13 Brown at Dartmouth 12pm
Saturday 11/13 San Diego St. at TCU 4pm
Saturday 11/13 PAC-10 7:30pm
Saturday 11/20 Yale at Harvard 12pm
Saturday 11/27 TCU at New Mexico 4pm
Saturday 11/27 PAC-10 7:30pm
Saturday 12/4 PAC-10 7pm

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