Monday, June 28, 2010

Upcoming Attractions

Updated (7/13/10) - Added ACC and Big East media day info.

July 1st begins the NCAA athletic calendar and 2010 promises to be a unique year. This will be the final year for at least three teams in their existing conference (Nebraska - Big 12, Utah - MWC, Boise St. - WAC) and possibly a fourth if Colorado is able to exit the Big 12 after the 2010-11 athletic year.

July 1 is typically when schools make major website enhancements or move to a new hosting company. And the football media day is typically the 1st big gathering of the media and a conference's executive staff. TV announcements for the current season generally pop up during this time, along with announcements regarding new contracts. We might see new contract announcements for the ACC and C-USA.

I don't have a full list at the moment, but here's the list of what I have:

ACC - July 25-26
Big 12 - July 26-28
Big East - August 2-3
Big Ten - August 2-3
C-USA - July 25
MAC - July 29-30
MWC - July 27-28
PAC-10 - July 27-29
SEC - July 21-23
Sun Belt - July 19-20
WAC - July 25-27

The PAC-10's will be a unique format where they spend July 27 in New York City, July 28 at the ESPN campus in Bristol, CT and July 29 at the Rose Bowl. C-USA will also revert back to a traditional media day instead of the media teleconference they held last year. The Sun Belt will again go with a videoconference instead of an in-person media day.

If anyone has dates for the other conferences, please send them along.

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