Sunday, September 19, 2010

12 Day Guesses for October 2nd

I have a feeling that Oklahoma vs. Texas will be national, possibly through a reverse mirror and that we will see another ABC/ESPN2 split at 8pm.

There is an ESPN Classic window and I believe the Big Ten will use it. Also, when the SEC had their primetime doubleheader, their regional window on FSN became a 12:30pm start and I think it will move slightly from the 12pm start that it is currently listed at. Same with the ESPNU windows. Last year they were shifted slightly to get a Sun Belt game early in the day.

12pm ESPN or ESPN2: Miami (FL) at Clemson
12pm ESPN or ESPN2: Michigan at Indiana
12pm ESPN Classic: Wisconsin at Michigan St.
12pm Big Ten: Northwestern at Minnesota
12pm SEC Network: Kentucky at Ole Miss
12pm Big East: Vanderbilt at UConn
12pm ACC/Raycom: Virginia Tech at NC State
12:30pm FSN: Texas Tech at Iowa St.
12:30pm SEC/FSN Regional: ULM at Auburn
12:30pm PPV: Alcorn St. at Mississippi St.
1pm ESPNU: Louisville at Arkansas St.
1pm ESPN3: Duke at Maryland
1:30pm ESPN3: Florida St. at Virginia
3:30pm CBS: Tennessee at LSU (semi-confirmed)
3:30pm ABC/ESPN: Ohio St. at Illinois
3:30pm ABC/ESPN: Oklahoma vs. Texas (confirmed, may be reverse mirrored)
3:30pm Big East/SNY: Tulane at Rutgers
4:30pm ESPNU: FIU at Pittsburgh
6pm ESPN3: East Carolina at North Carolina
7pm FSN: Georgia at Colorado (confirmed)
7pm Fox College: Kansas at Baylor
8pm CBS: Florida at Alabama (semi-confirmed)
8pm ABC/ESPN2: Penn St. at Iowa
8pm ABC/ESPN2: Washington at USC
8pm ESPN: Notre Dame at Boston College
8pm ESPNU: Georgia Tech at Wake Forest
11:15pm ESPN: Stanford at Oregon (confirmed)


Julian said...

I found the ACC games tough to place. Also, I had forgotten that when there's a window on Classic, ESPN usually puts the Big Ten there. I thought that ESPN loved the SEC so much, they would put even Vandy on the road on ESPNU to make sure as much of America as possible could see the conference.

Still getting used to the Big XII now doing reverse mirroring, and ESPN putting the Pac-10 on cable at night as much as on ABC in the afternoon. I guess that all but eliminates four-way split audiences. Originally, I predicted a three-way split audience on ABC in the afternoon (ACC being the third), even with the State Fair. Now, I can't see ESPN allowing the game in Dallas to have less than 100% national coverage. With ESPN required by contract to put the Big Ten on ABC (with reverse mirror) every week at 3:30 pm Eastern, that takes up all possible spots.

Three online exclusives for the ACC? They must really be in the doghouse. I only predicted ECU @ UNC, with maybe a second.

Nick Seevers said...


I thought that Texas/Oklahoma was always 10 am pst (12 pm central).

Nick Seevers said...

Sorry, I mis read what you wrote.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Not true Nick. During the past decade the game has aired at 3:30pm several times. I believe its a 50/50 split between 3:30pm and 12pm/1pm.