Saturday, September 11, 2010

Week Four 12 Day Selections

On 9/14, networks will be able to select games for Week Four using the 12 day selection process. Networks can choose games as little as six days in advance, negotiated with individual conferences in terms of how many times they can do it during a season.

Generally, the networks won't waste those six day exceptions early in the season. Here's my guesses

3:30pm: Oklahoma at Cincinnati, Bowling Green at Michigan
8pm: UCLA at Texas, Oregon St. at Boise St.

Arkansas at Alabama, 3:30pm

12pm: Ball St. at Iowa
3:30pm: ABC Reverse Mirror
7:45pm: South Carolina at Auburn

12pm: Temple at Penn St.
6pm: Virginia Tech at Boston College
9:15pm: West Virginia at LSU

12pm: Wake Forest at Florida St.
3:30pm: North Carolina at Rutgers
7pm: Kentucky at Florida

Big Ten Network
12pm: Northern Colorado at Michigan St., Central Michigan at Northwestern, Eastern Michigan at Ohio St., Toledo at Purdue, Austin Peay at Wisconsin

12pm SEC Network: Georgia at Mississippi St.
12pm Raycom: NC State at Georgia Tech
12pm Big East Network: Buffalo at Connecticut
3pm FSN PPV: South Dakota St. at Nebraska
6pm Army at Duke
6pm FIU at Maryland
6pm VMI at Virginia
7pm SEC/FSN Regional: UAB at Tennessee
7:30pm SEC/CSS: Fresno St. at Ole Miss

Confirmed & Semi Confirmed
3pm FSN Regional: UCF at Kansas St. (semiconfirmed)
3pm FSN Regional: USC at Washington St.
3:30pm Colgate at Syracuse
7pm Fox College: New Mexico St. at Kansas
7pm Big East: Western Kentucky at USF
10pm CSN BA+/Wildcats Sports: California at Arizona
10:30pm FSN: Oregon at Arizona St.


Chris said...


I don't see the ABC games as you have them. You've got both Pac 10 teams at the same time. if anything, I'd mix them up a bit:

First game - Oregon State - Boise State and Oklahoma-Cincinnati

2nd game - UCLA-Texas, Bowling Green-Michigan

Can't put two Pac 10 teams at the same time and two Big 12 teams at the same time! I don't think that would be good for the ratings

Matt Sarzyniak said...
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Matt Sarzyniak said...

Hi Chris. Remember a couple things here.

1) Oregon St. and UCLA are the road teams, so there are no considerations to be made for them in regards to the PAC-10 TV contract. Besides, Oregon St. isn't moving ratings needles for this one, Boise St. is.

Same goes for the Oklahoma & Texas games, but I think those will be split into separate windows due to proximity. Oregon St. and UCLA doesn't rate that important to put them in different windows.

2) Michigan Stadium does not have lights. Can't do a night game there on such short notice. Big Ten plans all its night games in advance of the season to allow for ABC or the school to contract for lights if necessary.

Chris said...

I know there are no official limitations on UCLA and Oregon State at the same time, but I just don't see it.

I did not know about the light situation at Michigan. That being the case, they cannot play late.

I see something else giving here, maybe a different mix. I can't get excited about UCLA and Texas...UCLA will get eaten alive!

Joseph Miller said...

I'm pretty sure they are stuck with the game, but as bad as UCLA has been so far, wouldn't ABC want to put it in a less visible slot (ie 3:30 ET with no reverse mirror)?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Hi Joseph. Now that we know that EMU-Ohio St. will be one of the games at 3:30pm, I think they'll move OU-UC to 8pm and move UCLA-TX to 3:30pm as a reverse mirror game (maybe an ACC will be the RM).

I think the move of the UCF-KState game, which according to an FSN production schedule was for 3pm ET up to 12:30pm also hints that the UCLA-TX game will be early in the afternoon.

562Gunson said...

What's up with the Pac 10 and Big East basketball schedules? Shouldn't they have been out a long time ago?

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Big East schedule is late. Andy Katz mentioned that the coaches got the schedules this week and it was late because the NBA schedules were released late. Big East is the 2nd & 3rd tenant in so many multipurpose arenas to NHL, AHL and NBA teams.

Pac-10 schedules are out but the TV assignments are not done, but they aren't late. I checked when UCLA announced their TV schedule last year (they usually are 1st for the Pac-10) and they released them on 9/18/09 last year.