Thursday, June 9, 2011

C-USA, CBS Sports Network & Fox Sports CFB Schedules

Fox Sports - Fox Sports Media Group will air around 60 football games in 2011-12 from the Big 12, Conference USA and Pac-12. C-USA games were announced earlier this week and some Big 12 and Pac-12 games were announced, along with possible Pac-12 telecast windows. Here's the schedule.  Note that the 9/24 F/X game is incorrect and should be Missouri at Oklahoma.

as of today.  This schedule does not include the possibility of SEC, ACC and Pac-12 games airing on a regional basis.

Early afternoon is typically a 12pm or 12:30pm ET start, mid-afternoon is 3:30pm or 4pm, primetime is 6:30pm or 7pm and late evening is after 10pm.

CBS Sports Network - It is mostly complete, but as a few C-USA fans astutely noticed, CBSSN is scheduled to carry a minimum of 20 C-USA games.  There are 20 games involving C-USA teams on CBSSN, but typically football contracts cover home games only and do not dictate that a network has to pick up road OOC games or that they count in a contract. Per an exchange with C-USA on Twitter, road out of conference games can count towards the minimum 20 games on CBSSN.

Also, CBSSN has a contract with the Patriot League and last year broadcast one football game in October from the conference, which might explain the opening on 10/15/11 at 3:30pm.  I also included the six Division II Thursday night games, though I do not list Division II games except for playoffs on my site.

Here's the schedule

Primetime is a game starting between 7pm & 8pm.  Late Evening refers to any game after 10pm.

C-USA - The reason why you are seeing these schedules is that the Judge William Pauley has set several dates with respect to the ESPN vs. C-USA civil trial:
  • Completion of written discovery & document exchange: 7/15/11
  • Deadline for disclosing of expert witnesses: 9/9/11
  • Completion of all discovery & depositions: 9/30/11
  • Pre-motion conference: 10/12/11
  • Joint pretrial order: 10/31/11
  • Final pretrial conference: 11/4/11
C-USA's lawyers had requested a discovery phase to last the entire football season, ESPN wanted it completed by 7/15/11.  This schedule basically confirmed to the conference that they could go ahead with their plans to announce the TV schedule as it stands today.

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