Monday, June 27, 2011

Sports Business Journal CFB Hightlights: Longhorn Network, Versus' New Brand

Couple items from the great staff at Sports Business Journal

* Longhorn Network: Still negotiating
  • 40 cents per sub
  • In market states: TX, OK, LA & NM
  • Negotiations ongoing with several cable operators, including Time Warner & Verizon
  • Selling equity in the network may not be needed as originally thought
  • ESPN would like to get rights to a 2nd football game.  FOX Sports Media Group might be willing to deal if they can sublicense a Big 12 football game to FOX from ABC.
* Versus' New Name
  • Rebranding not likely to occur until New Years of 2012
  • Should have the NBC name in it
  • RSNs will remain under the Comcast name instead of transitioning over
  • Golf Channel could receive a modified title
  • The channel was branded as "NBC Sports Cable" in presentation to the IOC when successfully bidding on Olympic rights earlier this month, but was considered a placeholder name


youknowrobby said...

Matt: For viewers outside the Longhorn Network markets, will they be able to subscribe to view on-line? ESPN3 reairing the game?

thanks, Robby

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Hi Robby. I'll be writing a new post today regarding what I know for Longhorn Network.