Sunday, October 23, 2011

11/5 12 Day Selection Guesses

Obviously there is the story out there regarding moving LSU-Alabama to primetime.  That would have to be negotiated between CBS, ESPN and the SEC.  For now, I'm going to assume the timeslot for the game remains at 3:30pm ET.

Other notes:

  • The Breeders Cup is on ESPN from 3:30pm to 7:15pm.  That is why ESPN cannot show a game during that time slot.
  • This is also the final week that FSN will carry an SEC game regionally in 2011.   
  • CSS also has two SEC selections, one at 12:30pm and again at 7:30pm.
  • Advance listings at, coupled with, show FX with a 4pm and 8pm window, and FSN with only 12pm and 3:30pm national games.  This differs from FOX's original release.  With that said, FOX hasn't exactly been sticking to the release.  
  • Since FOX has been showing their Big 12 FX games at 12pm lately, possibly to give the ABC or ESPN games their own slot, would not surprise me to see this become a 12pm-4pm FX doubleheader
  • Because of the 4pm FX game, plus because ABC currently has a 3:30pm Pac-12 window, I think the Pac-12 will have an 8pm ABC window instead.
  • Versus is listed with a Pac-12 window at 10:30pm
  • Having all Big East teams play each other makes a slight mess of things.  Could see a game on ABC at 3:30pm instead of a12pm ESPN/ESPN2 game, which would give the Big Ten a slot back.
  • Oregon-Washington may match the two best records in the Pac-12 that day, but Oregon has four games part of the ABC/ESPN package and there's a max of six appearances in that package.  I'm assuming ABC will want both the Civil War and the Oregon-Stanford game, so F/X has one fall in its lap
  • Why so many games on BTN? Ohio St., Wisconsin and Nebraska have yet to appear in a conference game on BTN.  Michigan St. has not yet either, but has a game with Indiana upcoming.  Wisconsin does as well and they could end up moving back to 12pm on ESPN/ESPN2 with a Big East game at 3:30pm on ABC instead of 12pm on ESPN2.

Would not be stunned if several time slots/games are held for six day picks.  Its a mess.

LSU at Alabama, 3:30pm

Michigan at Iowa, 3:30pm (RM)
Texas A&M at Oklahoma, 3:30pm (RM)
Stanford at Oregon St., 8pm
Kansas St. at Oklahoma St., 8pm

Minnesota at Michigan St., 12pm
South Carolina at Arkansas, 7:45pm

Syracuse at Connecticut, 12pm
ABC Reverse Mirror, 3:30pm
Notre Dame at Wake Forest, 7:45pm

Arizona St. at UCLA, 10:30pm

Louisville at West Virginia, 12pm
USF at Rutgers, 3:30pm
Vanderbilt at Florida, 7pm
Louisiana Tech at Fresno St., 10:15pm (confirmed)

FOX Sports
Missouri at Baylor, 12pm FSN
Kansas at Iowa St., 12:30pm FOX College Sports
NC State at North Carolina, 3pm ACC RSNs
UTEP at Rice, 3:30pm FSN
Oregon at Washington, 4pm F/X
New Mexico St. at Georgia, 7pm SEC RSNs
Texas Tech at Texas, 8pm F/X

Indiana at Ohio St., 12pm
Purdue at Wisconsin, 3:30pm
Northwestern at Nebraska, 3:30pm

Regional, Web Exclusive & Syndication
Ole Miss at Kentucky, 12pm SEC Network
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh, 12pm Big East Network
Virginia at Maryland, 12:30pm ACC Network
Middle Tennessee at Tennessee, 12:30pm CSS
Duke at Miami (FL), 1pm
Washington St. at California, 7pm ROOT NW/CSNCA
Utah at Arizona, 7pm FSAZ/KJZZ
UT-Martin at Mississippi St., 7:30pm CSS


Julian said...

With the night game now official, there's no way Notre Dame will settle for competing in the same time slot because the game's not on NBC. Especially not after the attention they got last night. I expect a reverse mirror on ABC vs. Wake, with the Big XII game going ABC regional/3.

I was hoping the big game between UConn and Syracuse would sneak into a slot on ABC, but Notre Dame always comes first. With the conference being so .500 this year, that's really the best game the Big East has to offer on 11/5. Six-day selection, for sure. It has been two years since the Big East last had a conference matchup on ABC before November. The last time before that was two years prior (on a day that saw TWO Big East games on broadcast TV).

Glad to see that the entire C-in-C is going to be broadcast by CBS. That's the way it should be every year.

Jeff said...

Does Notre Dame have a say in the matter?

They'll show up and play when they're told to show up.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Notre Dame has no say in the kickoff time of road games.