Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guesses for 10/15 12 Day Selections

Note that ESPN is likely to choose a Big 12 game on ESPN/ESPN2 in primetime and that ABC does not have an 8pm slot due to NASCAR.

LSU at Tennessee, 3:30pm

ABC (both at 3:30pm)
Michigan at Michigan St. (RM)
Clemson at Maryland (RM)
Kansas St. at Texas Tech

Indiana at Wisconsin, 12pm (time confirmed)
ABC Reverse Mirror, 3:30pm
Oklahoma St. at Texas, 7pm
Arizona St. at Oregon, 10:15pm

Louisville at Cincinnati, 12pm
Georgia Tech at Virginia, 6pm
Florida at Auburn, 9:15pm

Virginia Tech at Wake Forest, 12pm
Utah at Pittsburgh, 3:30pm
Alabama at Ole Miss, 7pm

FOX Sports
Oklahoma at Kansas, 12pm FSN
Florida St. at Duke, 3pm ACC RSNs
UCF at SMU, 3:30pm FSN
UTEP at Tulane, 3:30pm FOX College Sports (confirmed)
Baylor at Texas A&M, 7pm F/X
Iowa St. at Missouri, 7pm FOX College Sports
Georgia at Vanderbilt, 7pm SEC RSNs

Stanford at Washington St, 7:30pm

Purdue at Penn St., 12pm (time confirmed)
Ohio St. at Illinois, 3:30pm
Northwestern at Iowa, 7pm (confirmed)

Regional Syndication
South Carolina at Mississippi St., 12pm SEC Network
USF at Connecticut, 12pm Big East Network
Miami (FL) at North Carolina, 12:30pm ACC Network
Colorado at Washington, 3:30pm ROOT Sports RSNs
Navy at Rutgers, 3:30pm SNY/Big East Local
BYU at Oregon St., 7pm ROOT Sports RSNs


Kyle said...


Georgia plays @ Vanderbilt on the 15th (you have them playing Tennessee).

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Thanks. Had this week on the brain. Fixed.