Sunday, March 11, 2012

How my seed lines look

EDITED after completion of 1pm games

Just going with seed lines here.  Not placing teams at sites.  My big factors were wins vs. the top 50 and top 100 in the RPI.  The RPI was used as a guiding tool as well.

No particular order on the seeds (ie top seed isn't listed 1st)

1 - Kentucky, Syracuse, Missouri, Michigan St.
2 - North Carolina, Duke, Ohio St., Kansas
3 - Baylor, Marquette, Michigan, Florida St.
4 -  Indiana, Memphis, Louisville, Georgetown
5 - Wichita St., Murray St., Temple, Wisconsin
6 - St. Mary's, UNLV, Vanderbilt, New Mexico
7 - San Diego St., Iowa St., Creighton,  Florida
8 - Gonzaga, St. Louis, Southern Miss, Notre Dame
9 - Colorado St., Alabama, California, Xavier
10 - VCU, Cincinnati, Purdue, Connecticut
11 - BYU, NC State, Harvard, Kansas St.
12 - Long Beach St., Texas, Colorado, Iona/Marshall
13 - South Dakota St., Ohio, Belmont,  South Florida/Virginia
14 - Davidson, New Mexico St., St. Bonaventure, Montana
15 - Loyola (MD), Long Island U., Lehigh, UNC-Asheville
16 - Lamar, Mississippi Valley St., Detroit/Norfolk St., Western Kentucky/Vermont

This is what happens with an extremely soft bubble and very few upsets to affect it.  Oral Roberts, Marshall and Iona likely wouldn't be in the discussion.  They are in my mind.  I don't come close to bringing Washington, Drexel, Seton Hall, Northwestern or Nevada into the discussion.

St. Bonaventure winning the A-10 affects lines 12-14 and the 8-9 lines.  I'd put the Bonnies on the 14 line, bump Belmont and Colorado up one each and bump Virginia down to the play in vs. USF.  Sorry Oral Roberts.  The change on the 8-9 line would be to bump Xavier down one and move up Notre Dame.

There's some possible changes at the top too.  If Florida St. wins, move them up one and move Temple down one.  Also, flip Missouri to the top line and UNC down one.  The easier one to work with is Ohio St. If they win, flip flop them with Michigan St.

Multi-Bid Conferences
ACC - 5
Atlantic 10 - 3 (possibly 4)
Big 12 - 6
Big East - 8
Big Ten -  6
C-USA - 3
MAAC - 2
MVC - 2
MWC - 4
Pac-12 - 2
SEC - 4
Summit - 2 (possibly 1)
WCC - 3

18 single bid conferences


Matt Sarzyniak said...
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NJDevils015 said...

What about West Virginia? You didn't think they were worthy? They did struggle down the stretch, but I think they are a tourney team - certainly ahead of NC State and Marshall (WVU beat Marshall on neutral floor in January).

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I didn't think they were worthy at the time. Still don't now and to be placed in Pittsburgh is a huge fail on the committee.