Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last stab at 1st three weeks - Week 1

Television announcements for several conferences should come out starting next week.  It is known that the Pac-12 will have the 2nd pick this week, I assume after FOX.  I have them spending it on Colorado St. vs. Colorado on Sunday.

ESPN2 has NASCAR commitments in the early evening, so they won't have a game until the late evening.

All times Eastern

Texas A&M vs. Louisiana Tech (ESPNU) 6:30pm
South Carolina at Vanderbilt (ESPN) 7pm
Massachusetts at Connecticut (ESPN3) 7pm
UCLA at Rice (CBS Sports Network) 7:30pm
Northern Colorado at Utah (ESPNU) 9:45pm
Northern Arizona at Arizona St. (Pac-12 Net) 10pm
Arkansas St. at Oregon (Pac-12 Net) 10pm
Washington St. at BYU (ESPN) 10:15pm (confirmed)
Minnesota at UNLV (CBS Sports Network) 11pm (confirmed)

Villanova at Temple (ESPN3) 7pm
NC State vs. Tennessee (ESPNU) 7:30pm (confirmed)
Boise St. at Michigan St. (ESPN) 8pm (confirmed)

Notre Dame vs. Navy (CBS) 9am (confirmed)
Ohio at Penn St. (ESPN/ESPN2) 12pm
Miami (OH) at Ohio St. (ESPN/ESPN2) 12pm
Northwestern at Syracuse (ESPNU) 12pm
Eastern Kentucky at Purdue (BTN) 12pm
Southeastern Louisiana at Missouri (SEC Network) 12pm
Elon at North Carolina (ACC Network) 12:30pm (confirmed)
Youngstown St. at Pittsburgh (ESPN3) 1pm
Richmond at Virginia (ACC RSNs) 3pm (confirmed)
Nevada at California (Pac-12 Net) 3pm
Nicholls St. at Oregon St. (Pac-12 Net) 3pm
William & Mary at Maryland (ESPN3) 3pm (confirmed)
Miami (FL) at Boston College (ABC/ESPN2 RM) 3:30pm (confirmed)
Southern Miss at Nebraska (ABC/ESPN2 RM) 3:30pm
Marshall at West Virginia (FX) 3:30pm
Tulsa at Iowa St. (FSN) 3:30pm
Bowling Green at Florida (ESPN) 3:30pm
Iowa vs. Northern Illinois (ESPNU) 3:30pm
Western Michigan at Illinois (BTN) 3:30pm
Northern Iowa at Wisconsin (BTN) 3:30pm
Texas St. at Houston (CSS) 4pm
Murray St. at Florida St. (ESPN3) 6pm (confirmed)
Liberty at Wake Forest (ESPN3) 6:30pm (confirmed)
Clemson vs. Auburn (ESPN) 7pm (confirmed)
Buffalo at Georgia (ESPNU) 7pm
Jackson St. at Mississippi St. (SEC/FOX Regional) 7pm
FIU at Duke (ESPN3) 7pm (confirmed)
Central Arkansas at Ole Miss (PPV) 7pm
Jacksonville St. at Arkansas (PPV) 7pm
Chattanooga at USF (Big East Local/BHSN) 7pm
North Texas at LSU (SEC/Comcast) 7:30pm
Alabama vs. Michigan (ABC) 8pm (confirmed)
Hawai'i at USC (FOX) 8pm
Rutgers at Tulane (CBS Sports Network) 8pm
Indiana St. at Indiana (BTN) 8pm (confirmed)
Wyoming at Texas (Longhorn Network) 8pm
San Diego St. at Washington (ESPN2) 10pm
Oklahoma at UTEP (FSN) 10pm
Toledo at Arizona (Pac-12 Net) 10pm
San Jose St. at Stanford (Pac-12 Net) 10pm

Kentucky at Louisville (ESPN) 3:30pm (confirmed)
SMU at Baylor (FSN) 6:30pm (confirmed)
Colorado St. vs. Colorado (Pac-12 Net) 7pm

Georgia Tech at Virginia Tech (ESPN) 8pm (confirmed)


bigddan11 said...

FSN has picked up the Colorado State/ Colorado game every year they've had the Pac-12 contract. I don't see that changing. The only change may be that it's FX with a rare Sunday broadcast.

I could easily see Nprthern Arizona at Arizona being a 7 PM game instead of 10 PM (even though it would only be 4 PM in Arizona). It makes much more sense for Pac-12 Net to have their first day of games spread out as well. Something tells me Fox might not want to be left out of opening night though, so I wouldn't be surprised if a Pac-12 game gets moved to FX for Thursday night either. There's also some rumors that state despite the No Colorado website, the No. Colorado/ Utah game will be moved to Pac-12 Networks, meaning ESPNU might look at something like Northern Arizona/ Arizona as its replacement.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Whenever NAU-Arizona airs, it will be evening in Arizona. The Arizona schools have always told their TV nets that they must play in the evening or not to select a game for television. Heat is a real issue at that time of year. Trust me, I soaked through two separate T-shirts at Temple-Arizona St. in 2005. Kickoff temp was over 100 degrees at 7pm at night. Even a 5pm local kickoff stretches it.

Its a safety issue for them and U of Arizona to do a day game in September.

bigddan11 said...

I obviously don't know all the rulings regarding Arizona games. However I do know the same doesn't apply to Oregon. Would it be insane to think of Arkansas State at Auburn being on at 5 PM PDT (8 PM EDT) and then Northern Arizona at Arizona State starting at 7 PM MST (10 PM EDT) and then having Pac-12 Network join the game in progress?

mony said...

I still can't see Pac-12 Networks simultaneously multiple Pac 12 games at one time UNLESS they are FCS-FBS matchups. Unlike BTN, which courted DirectTV (or they were a part owner), I've seen no indication that they'll put national broadcasts on different channels.

Unknown said...

arkansas state-oregon on saturday, sept. 1

Raul said...

What do you think ESPN does with open 3:30pm slot? What is there for them to pick at this point? I guess they can just leave the slot open and run the studio show.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

SEC selections haven't been done yet.

Raul said...

Based on ESPN3's upcoming programming, it appears ESPN will have a 3:30 pm game that day. Any chance WVU-Marhall or Tex-Wyoming end up in that time slot? There really isn't much more to chose from for the 3:30 slot. All the good SEC games are already scheduled for TV.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

3:30pm (with maybe the Reverse Mirror moving to ESPN from ESPN2) will still probably be an SEC game. There haven't been any SEC games set for TV that day.

If it is a Big 12 game, it could be one of those two. F/X has a slot open at 12pm too.