Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last stab at 1st three weeks - Week 2

I'm assuming that the Pac-12 Network will have 2nd pick this week after FOX.  They'll take Wisconsin-Oregon St.  Note that ABC does not have a primetime game.

Pittsburgh at Cincinnati (ESPN) 8pm (confirmed)

Utah at Utah St. (ESPN2) 8pm (confirmed)

Penn St. at Virginia (ABC) 12pm (confirmed)
New Mexico at Texas (FX) 12pm
Iowa St. at Iowa (ESPN/ESPN2) 12pm
Georgia at Missouri (ESPN/ESPN2) 12pm
Rice at Kansas (FSN) 12pm
Kent St. at Kentucky (ESPNU) 12pm
UCF at Ohio St. (BTN) 12pm
East Carolina at South Carolina (SEC Network) 12pm
Maryland at Temple (Big East Network) 12pm
Indiana at Massachusetts (ESPN3) 12pm
Ball St. at Clemson (ACC Network) 12:30pm (confirmed)
Maine at Boston College (ESPN3) 1pm (confirmed)
Austin Peay at Virginia Tech (ESPN3) 1:30pm (confirmed)
Howard at Rutgers (ESPN3) 2pm
North Carolina at Wake Forest (ACC RSNs) 3pm (confirmed)
Weber St. at BYU (BYUtv) 3pm (confirmed)
Wisconsin at Oregon St. (Pac-12 Net) 3pm
Southern Utah at California (Pac-12 Net) 3pm
Sacramento St. at Colorado (Pac-12 Net) 3pm
USC vs. Syracuse (ABC) 3:30pm (confirmed)
Air Force at Michigan (ABC/ESPN RM) 3:30pm
Miami (FL) at Kansas St. (ABC/ESPN RM) 3:30pm
Fresno St. at Oregon (FX) 3:30pm
Florida at Texas A&M (ESPN2) 3:30pm
NC State at Connecticut (ESPNU) 3:30pm
Tulane at Tulsa (FSN) 3:30pm
USF at Nevada (CBS Sports Network) 3:30pm (confirmed)
Purdue at Notre Dame (NBC) 3:30pm (confirmed)
New Hampshire at Minnesota (BTN) 3:30pm
Missouri St. at Louisville (Big East Local) 3:30pm
UL-Lafayette at Troy (Sun Belt Network) 4pm
Savannah St. at Florida St. (ESPN3) 6pm (confirmed)
Michigan St. at Central Michigan (ESPN3) 6pm
Georgia St. at Tennessee (PPV) 6pm
Auburn at Mississippi St. (ESPN2) 7pm
Western Kentucky at Alabama (ESPNU) 7pm
UL-Monroe at Arkansas (SEC/FOX RSNs) 7pm
Florida A&M at Oklahoma (Sooner Network) 7pm
Presbyterian at Georgia Tech (ESPN3) 7pm (confirmed)
FAU at Middle Tennessee (ESPN3) 7pm
Texas Tech at Texas St. (ESPN3) 7pm
Army at San Diego St. (NBC Sports Network) 7:30pm (confirmed)
UTEP at Ole Miss (SEC/CSS) 7:30pm
Nebraska at UCLA (FOX) 8pm
Washington at LSU (ESPN) 8pm
Louisiana Tech at Houston (CBS Sports Network) 8pm
Vanderbilt at Northwestern (BTN) 8pm (confirmed)
Illinois at Arizona St. (Pac-12 Net) 10pm
Duke at Stanford (Pac-12 Net) 10pm
Eastern Washington at Washington St. (Pac-12 Net) 10pm
Oklahoma St. at Arizona (ESPN2) 10:15pm


bigddan11 said...

Rice at Kansas strikes me as a better FX game than New Mexico at Texas. Honestly I've thought the New Mexico at Texas game will probably be the Longhorn Network broadcast instead of Wyoming at Texas. Of course we have no guarantee that FX will have a double header.

I'm honestly confused with Pac-12's contract. The way they were advertising at first, they were saying all football and men's basketball broadcasts would be on the national Pac-12 Network, and I got the feeling the majority would be live. It's difficult for that to happen before conference season begins.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

Yes. There's no way to get every game in for the Pac-12 without multiple screens / overflow channels like the Big Ten Network does. I expect the Pac-12 Network to do the same. What I tried to do for their games is make sure that two teams from the same region (WA, OR, NorCal, SoCal, AZ or Rockies) were not scheduled to be on the Pac-12 Net at the same time, which would allow for local airing since they have the national net, plus the regional ones.

bigddan11 said...

I know the WAC has the rights first, but I think Texas A&M Commerce at UTSA will air on Longhorn Network. I said it before, and I see no way that LHN doesn't renew their third-tier contract to air UTSA home games (last year it was first-tier). Out of all the UTSA home games, I think Utah State and Texas State are the two WAC Sports Network and ESPN3 will go after. I think the others (Texas A&M Commerce, Northwestern Oklahoma State, San Jose State, and McNeese State) will all end up on Longhorn Network. Sept 29 (at New Mexico State) will end up on Aggie Vision (ESPN3 simulcast), and I think the game at Louisiana Tech (Nov 3) will end up being an ESPN+ game (meaning ESPN3 will have it as well).

Raul said...

Who has priority in picking games... SEC NEt 12:30 or ESPNU 7pm?
If SEC NET,I bet AUB-MSU ends up on SEC net 12:30pm while ECU-SC end up on ESPNU7pm. If ESPNU picks 1st, then vice-versa. As for the bigger SEC games that day--UF-TAMU, UGA-mizzou & Wash-LSU--, I predict one game kicks off at 4:30pm on ESPN, another at 8pm on ESPN and another one btw 7-7:45 on ESPN2. I also predict college gameday will be at either at Mizzou or TAMU that satruday with Musberger and Herbstreit calling the gameday site game. ESPN would definitely want to wait on the result TAMU-La Tech week 1 before setting their site for gameday.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

With early season SEC, I usually look at weather and how the teams absolutely hate to play early in the day. Starkville is slighly cooler actually than Columbia, but ESPNU is in more homes, so I figured ESPNU would end up with that one.

They could certainly stagger one of the ESPN/ESPN2 start times in mid-afternoon to connect directly to an 8pm game, but if they want a 10:15pm ET start for a Pac-12 game, they'll need a game to start right at 7pm.

This is going to sound like I'm crapping on A&M or Missouri, but outside of them playing a conference game, nothing feels special about their games even though they're the 1st conference game in the SEC. Nebraska's 1st Big Ten game was a Gameday site, but they were the road team vs. Wisconsin.

Dark horse for Gameday: Miami (FL) at Kansas St. Collin Klein was a one man team last year, deserved more Heisman pub.

Raul said...

Some SEC schools, regardless of weather, have a preference for day games. UGA is one example. Most, however, prefer evening kickoffs but TV dictates more than the schools wishes. UF tries to avoid early afternoon kickoffs in September but they've opened up at 12 or 12:30 three of the past four seasons.

As for the evening kickoffs, ESPN has played those PAC 12 games at 10:45 and 11:15ET before. On the other hand, ESPN could easily play a 3:30, 7pm and 10:15ET Pac 12 game. What are the chances OKST-Ariz, Ill-ASU or -Wisco-OrgST moves to friday night?

I get your point about TAMU and Mizzou but TAMU leaving behind its texas-centric conference roots to play it's 1st SEC home game against one of the SEC easterly powers(eventhough the power is on a downcycle)should be a big national story if the Aggies get past La Tech week one. Even if not a big deal to those outside the south, ESPN will pump up the game due to their relationship with SEC. It has nothing to with the game itself but the circumstances surrounding the game.

At the end of the day, Miami-KSU probably is more deserving of gameday than than mizzou or TAMU.

Wash-LSU is another candidate for gameday but ESPN probably has their sights set on a Nov 4th trip to Baton Rouge.

Matt Sarzyniak said...

I think the dates of those Pac-12 games is rather set in place. There is some movement going on with the Pac-12 in the opening week, but there are things that can be worked on when you have Labor Day weekend.

10:45pm ET is probably an option with the two Arizona schools. I know the 11:15pm start for Wake Forest-Stanford in '10 was nothing that Stanford was really happy about. Stanford-Oregon that year was initially supposed to be an 11:20pm game if I remember correctly, but ABC was able to flex that one out.