Sunday, July 22, 2012

A few thoughts on Penn St. and possible sanctions

1) I don't expect any changes to the 2012 schedule. Much like when USC was sanctioned and it included the possibility of cancellation of the game at Hawai'i, I think the existing 2012 games, particularly the out of conference games remain intact.

2) I don't think 2013 is a guarantee though. I could see PSU being limited to Big Ten games only, like Baylor basketball.  It would allow the Big Ten to maintain a conference championship game and limit any rebates that ESPN might seek.

3) I think it's a certainty that bowl opportunities will be lost. What some fail to realize is that would trigger the ability for football players to freely transfer without sitting out a year. So the NCAA doesn't have to give out an extra year to those kids. 

I remember in the "30 for 30" documentary on SMU that once players were given the green light to transfer, their campus became a recruiting ground for other schools. I don't know if timing of this announcement lessens that possibility in State College.

4) If they do shut it down for a year, scholarships must be honored if a player elects not to transfer, in my opinion. If the kid decides to continue to pursue his degree, don't penalize him for that.

5) Tomorrow will be a dark day for college athletics. I hope no one takes any enjoyment out of the possible sanctions. What we know is that some will not find the sanctions handed down enough and others will find then too harsh.

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